Operation Beginning

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Operation Beginning
Crawford in america map.png
Map showing the location of Crawford within Pennsylvania
Date24 October 2011 - December 25, 2012
Status Mission Ended
WestsylvaniaFlag.png Westsylvania
Supported by
IMTO Flag.png IMTO
Flag of Dale Republic.png Dale Republic
Flag of Burkland.png MPR Burkland
Flag of North Crawford.png North Crawford
Commanders and leaders
WestsylvaniaFlag.png Mac Coat
Supported by
IMTO Flag.png/Flag of Dale Republic.png Danny Clarke
IMTO Flag.png/Flag of Burkland.png Matthew
Flag of North Crawford.png James Johnson
3 7

Operation Beginning was a peacekeeping mission by the Westsylvania Peacekeeping Unit in the Westsylvania - North Crawford border. The aim of the operation wass to keep peace and security between Westsylvania and North Crawford. The Operation began after Resolution 8[1] was passed by the IMTO Treaty Council with a vote of 3 to nothing being the lowest number of votes for any IMTO resolution at the time.


North Crawford Independence

The former head of the army of Westsylvania called Westsylvania "too corrupt to fix" and gained a positive response from his commentary in North Crawford.[2] The Westsylvanian government, attempting to avoid a civil war, granted them independence however it would only be official on October 1, 2011.[3]

Operation Thunder

Operation Thunder[4] was a pre-peacekeeping conflict between Westsylvania and North Crawford, when Westsylvania to gather intelligence from an abandond North Crawford fort. However after the operation Westsylvania was denounced for these actions by the Dale Republic after the admitted to this operation.

Westsylvania War

Operation Beginning was placed on hold with the invasion of Westsylvania by North Crawford troops. The peacekeeping mission was agreed by the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization to continue when the war had ended. This recontinue is yet to begin since the war has no sign of ending in the near future.



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