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The Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization (IMTO) was a military alliance that consisted of member states from North America, Europe, Asia and Antarctica. It was established with the Enlargement of the Triple Alliance on 25 September 2011. This is the list of members at time of disbandment.

Member states in alphbetical order

Flag State Constitutional name(s) Joined Population Currency Capital Languages
Domanglia Kingdom of Domanglia Nov 2011 {{#ask: Kingdom of Domanglia | ?population = }} Domanglian Monopoly Domum Domanglian
Brazilian Portuguese
Hamlinian Republic Hamlinian Republic Jan 2012 {{#ask: Hamlinian Republic | ?population = }} Hamlinian Dollar Hamlinia English
Kadmurian Empire Kadmurian Empire Feb 2012 {{#ask: Kadmurian Empire | ?population = }} Euro Güssing German
Los Bay Petros Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros Oct 2011 {{#ask: Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros | ?population = }} Los Bay Petrosian Ruble Dredim Capital Region English
Lostisland Republic of Lostisland Dec 2011 {{#ask: Republic of Lostisland | ?population = }} Eus None English
New America Democratic Republic of New America
*formerly the Northern Republic
Sep 2011 {{#ask: Democratic Republic of New America | ?population = }} US dollar Dayridge English
Pannonia Republic of Pannonia Jan 2012 {{#ask: Republic of Pannonia | ?population = }} Pannonian Florin Sirmie French (Pannonia)
Socialist Republic of Jial Socialist Republic of Jial Mar 2012 N/A N/A N/A English

Pending members

Pending member name Date of application
United Kingdom of Amania and Valhalla February 2012

Non-member states/observer states

Non-member state Date observer status was granted
Republic of Kuhugstan Granted August 2011 as a permanent observer
People's Republic of Pambia Granted October 2011 as an observer
Burkland Granted January 2012 as an observer

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