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Pannonian Florin
Floryn de Pannonie
Pannóniai florin
ISO 4217
Symbolfl (ligature)
NicknameFlorry (Florie)
Banknotesto be specified
Coinsto be specified
User(s) Republic of Pannonia
Central bankBanqe de Pannonie
Pegged with1 Swiss Franc (CHF)

The Pannonian Florin (also Floryn de Pannonie and Pannóniai florin) is the official currency of the Republic of Pannonia. It was created and pegged to the value of 1 Swiss Franc (CHF) on 16 November 2011, replacing the state's temporary currency, the British Pound. Although the currency aims to support Pannonia's national identity, the government is open to all opportunities of the installation of an intermicronational currency unit.

The day of the florin's installation has also marked the establishment of the Banqe de Pannonie (Pannonian Bank) which was put in charge of handling the micronation's money. The Pannonian Florin is only accepted in Pannonia and other micronations are not legally allowed to use it.

The word 'florin' derives from the Italian city of Florence, where it was first used. Although the fiorino d'oro (struck in 1252) was recognisable by the sign ƒ, the government of Pannonia has decided to use the currency symbol fl (ligature of f and l) instead.

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