Çélie (Pannonia)

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—  Province  —
Rue de Seent-Luuis, Çélie

State Republic of Pannonia
Established 1 January 2012
Founder B. N. Brunner
 - Total 1 citizen
Two-letter code CE
Area code PN3

Çélie (from Latin Celeia) is a province of the Republic of Pannonia, located entirely in a macronational 'country park' (Nene Park, Peterborough), in the United Kingdom. It is part of Pannonia since 1 January 2012, the beginning of the state's 'territorial era', although the majority of its territory was claimed on 5 April 2013, when the so called Revision of Territorial Claims required the expansion of the area covered by the province. Çélie can be identified using its area code (PN3) or its two-letter regional code (CE).

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PNSIRMIE.png Sirmie
PNSAVARIE.png Savarie
PNCELIE.png Çélie
PNMATRICE.png Matriçe
PNCERTISSE.png Çertisse
PNSERVINE.png Sérvine
PNILEDETRINITE.png Įle de Trinité
PNSCARBANTIE.png Scarbantie
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