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The honours system of the Republic of Pannonia is a system of decorations awarded to certain Pannonian citizens or micronationalists from other nations for their excellent contribution to the micronation's development. Although some decorations can be considered chivalric orders, they do not have the same meaning as in the case of monarchs.

List of awards

Ribbon Name Description Number awarded
Certificate of Excellence (COE) Awarded to members of the Presidency 1
Order of Saint Stephen (OSE) Awarded to micronationalists outside Pannonia 1

Certificate of Excellence

The Certificate of Excellence is a honour awarded to citizens of Pannonia for their contribution. Usually, the honour is awarded to members of the Presidency or leaders of governmental organisations, and is represented by a multilingual certificate. The recipients of this award are the following citizens:

Order of Saint Stephen

The Order of Saint Stephen (in Pannonian French: Ordre de Seent-Étienne) is a honour awarded to micronationalists from other nations (usually from states that are allies of Pannonia) for their excellent assistance in internal affairs, diplomacy etc. Its current recipients are the following micronationalists:


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