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My name is President B. Brunner and I am the president and founder of the Republic of Pannonia, a young territorial micronation based in the United Kingdom. I am expecting to create a page about myself as a micronationalist, but currently my full name always links to this page.

My Userboxes
80 This user's micronation has a population of 80
PNFLAG.png This user is a citizen of the Republic of Pannonia
000000000000000.jpg This user is the President of a micronation
EN-3 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English
hu This user is a native speaker of Hungarian
HUNGARY.png This user was born in Hungary
UK This user is living in the United Kingdom
φ This user likes the letter φ
HUNGARY.png This user is a citizen of Hungary
FR-1 This user is trying to do everything to learn French
KawaiGrand.jpg This user plays the piano.
1997 This user was born in 1997
PNCOA.png This user states that he is Pannonian