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Hamlinia Flag.jpg
Population: 9
Established: March 28, 2011 Hamlinian
November 22, 2012 Oasis
Time zone: Eastern Standard Time

Hamlinia is a mainland state of the Oasis Islands situated northeast of the Oasis Archipelago. Although the state has the largest population of any state at 9 people, it is one of the smallest, with recent assessments being placed at three tenths of an acre. The state also has the greatest extend of infrastructure, with 2 permanently inhabited buildings, two single car garages, two storage sheds, the Ronald Wilson Reagan Military Installation and Command Center and the Port of Hamlinia within its borders.

The state is known to be politically moderate with a liberal slant, although more conservative Senator Casey Hamlin has represented the state in the 1st Session of the Oasis Islands Senate.


Hamlinia was founded as the only province of the Hamlinian Republic on March 28, 2011, and became the power epicenter of the nation with the nation's capital being placed there along with all Government offices.

On December 23, 2012, the Oasis Islands annexed the land to create the State of Hamlinia for the country. Although the Oasis Executive Residence, Fort Reagan and the Port of Hamlinia are located in Hamlinia, the state does not serve as the capital of the nation, with that distinction belonging to Oasis. The State is one of two mainland states (the other being Costa Dorada) and the only state mainland state within two thousand miles of the Oasis Archipelago (Costa Dorada is located in California, USA).

Fort Reagan

The Ronald Reagan Military Installation and Command Center, known as Fort Reagan and formerly as Fort Hamlin, is located in Hamlinia and serves as the primary headquarters and training facility for the Oasis Island Army. It was built after the original Fort Hamlin was destroyed in a snowstorm. It stands about twice as tall as the old, and many plans are in preliminary talks to make it larger in width.