Republic of the Oasis Islands

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Republic of the Oasis Islands
Hamlinian Presidential Standard.jpg
Oasis Seal.jpg
Coat of arms
Motto: Insula fluminis (Island of the River)
Anthem: Anchors Aweigh
File:North-eastern America
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)Oasis Islander
GovernmentPresidential republic
• President
Casey Hamlin
Titus Smith
LegislatureOasis Islands Senate
EstablishmentNovember 22, 2012
• Census
Time zoneEastern Daylight Time, Eastern Daylight Time

The Republic of the Oasis Islands was a presidential republic, referred to as a micronation. Completely bordered by the United States of America, the nation consisted of six states, four of which were situated on an archipelago while the other two were on mainland areas. The population at the time of dissolution was 21.

Founded after the collapse of the Hamlinian Republic in October 2012, that nation's President Casey Hamlin began creating a plan to form a new nation that would improve on the failures of the former Republic. On November 22, 2012, it was announced that the Republic of the Oasis Islands was created, with Hamlin serving as president for a year to guide that nation forward. Hamlin's presidency has continued through a landslide re-election victory and wavering support from the population. Politically, the electorate mainly identifies as moderate to left-leaning, yet leadership in the Senate and in the Oasis Executive Residence has proven to be more conservative.

Economically, the nation was considered capitalist, with many government agencies using private companies to preform regular agency functions. The nation, unlike many micronations, relied on the United States dollar as its currency, citing a lack of need for its own currency and lack of financial expertise amongst its populace. Despite this, business thrived in the nation with top industries including video entertainment, weapons manufacturing, tourism and exporting of natural resources such as lumber.

After a period of sustained inactivity amid a long winter, Hamlin announced that the nation was dissolved on April 19, 2014, which happened along with his retirement from micronationalism.

Establishment and History

On June 9, 2011, the Hamlinian Armed Forces led an invasion of the present-day Republic of the Oasis Islands. Upon arrival the island, the forces claimed it in the name of the Hamlinian Republic and named it the Oasis Islands. Due to the island having tourists canoeing on the river stopping on it, the President ordered a pardon from the harsh no tourist laws, until the passing of the Hamlinian Limited Tourism Act, which allowed for tourists related to people on the island or diplomats, was passed. Hamlin issued a pardon for it again to allow unrelated and non-diplomatic tourists to go on the island. On June 22, 2012, Hamlin announced that three islands have been added to the first to make up the Oasis Islands State.

After the collapse of the Hamlinian Republic on October 24, 2012, Fmr. President Casey Hamlin began plans for a new nation, repeatedly deeming the Oasis Islands as the best spot for the new nation. After dropping several hints about a return, Hamlin officially created the nation on November 22, 2012.

Diplomatic tensions

Throughout the course of early 2013, the nation's diplomatic relations with the Republic of Freedomia (now New Israel), deteriorated. On February 2, 2013, under the advice of Ambassador to Freedomia Titus Smith, President and Secretary of State Casey Hamlin suspended relations with the nation. But on April 1, 2013, Markus II, Emperor of New Israel, declared war on the Oasis Islands, citing Smith's involvement in the country and his "militant pro-gay views". Hamlin, who is openly gay, fired back calling the Emperor "on the wrong side of history", and refusing to recognize, or take part, in any war.

The tensions had been continually escalating, with Hamlin openly condemning the nation and authorizing the Department of State to put forward all resources needed to reduce the tension. Over time, the tensions decreased and the situation tampered out temporarily.

Starting on July 13, 2013, New Israel was severely criticized by the MicroGroup community after attacking President Hamlin unprovoked, who in their words supported "perversions" for being gay with a video equating the argument against same-sex marriage and homosexuality using farm animals and analogies, thus starting the controversy again on a larger level. Their "war" with the Oasis Islands continued with the nation attacking the Oasis Islands for factually nonexistent inactivity and the nation's positive reaction to the overturning of the US Defense of Marriage Act. The Oasis Islands, as it did in April 2013, still refused to acknowledge the war as legitimate.

In late July, Hamlin began to become wary of the effects of the conflict on his nation and its standing in the micronational community, believing that the conflict had become too overblown. Contact began between Hamlin and Markus with Oasis Island News reporting on July 21 that the two nations were close to an agreement to end the conflict. These talks continued until July 23, when New Israel's internet assets suddenly disappeared and contact ceased.

On August 8, 2013, New Israel's online presence came back up with their new news website, New Israel Today. Shortly after that, the President and Markus began contact again and on August 26, 2013, it was announced that the two nations had officially ended the conflict.

Growth and political movement

It was announced during the New Israeli conflict that new swaths of land were annexed by the nation, although this land was only used for nature preserves. Shortly after that, two new First Cats were adopted and brought into the nation with a message to adopt animals from humane societies rather than breed or from shelters. On October 1, 2013, the Department of State announced a new initiative to expand the nation's network of diplomatic relations to build a stronger foreign policy. The nation's first diplomatic ally was the Kingdom of Thesevale, who officially gained relations with the nation on September 29, 2013. It was revealed on December 14, 2013, that New Israel acquired a small island, which they named Christ's Island, in the peace deal.

On November 6, 2013, the first federal election was held with incumbent President Hamlin easily securing re-election over independent challenger Laura Horsley. Also on that night, Vice President Smith announced his coming departure from the Oasis People's Party to join the United Leftist Party (ULP), leaving a bi-partisan Executive branch and an evenly divided Senate. In order to keep the People's Party majority, Senator Daniel Stefanko of Serenity Island agreed to join the People's Party, becoming Majority Leader and bumping Smith down to the Minority Leader position. The People's Party then began adopting more conservative views, preparing to clash with the ULP in future elections including what was expected to be a close and difficult battle for the Senate.


In the month after the nation's founding, the nation was led by a system consisting of two Presidents that created laws. The system was autocratic in nature and suffered low approval ratings amongst the public. The switch to the system of a Republic was created through negotiations between the nation's preliminary leaders, Casey Hamlin and Daniel Stefanko. Hamlin was for creating a full republican system, while Stefanko enjoyed the system of two Presidents instead of a legislature. In order for Stefanko to agree to create a legislature, Stefanko required that Hamlin agree to rid the President of executive order powers and elevate him to vice president. After a week of negotiations, Hamlin agreed, and the two officiated the changes on December 17, 2012.

The first session of the Oasis Islands Senate, which would have lasted for two years, started on January 2, 2013, and will last until January 2, 2015. The Senate's founding members are Casey Hamlin [P-OA], Titus Smith [P-CD] and Daniel Stefanko [C-SI], with Loonshore Island and Europa currently having no delegation due to no interested citizens. Major legislation has included a comprehensive LGBT rights bill, minimum wage laws and substantial gun control bills. S

The nation was run by the President of the Oasis Islands, who served as both Head of Government and Head of State. The President executed daily duties such as financial and infrastructure duties, as well as leading the State Department in maintaining and gaining diplomatic relationships as well as representing the nation at international conferences. A President's term lasted for one year and was renewable indefinitely.

Resignation of Stefanko

On June 13, 2013, Vice President Daniel Stefanko resigned amidst inactivity and to focus on personal issues. Hamlin appointed Titus Smith, Senator from Costa Dorada and Senate Majority Leader to replace him and inaugurated him immediately. In doing so, the Oasis Conservative Party lost a major conservative ally in the government.

Hamlin comments on Syria

In his first Executive Office address, President Hamlin addressed the nation on then-likely military strikes on Syria by several nations in order to end the Syrian Civil War, voicing his support for such strikes. His approval ratings tanked, showing a decrease from nearly ninety percent to hovering around forty percent. His support for the strikes led to unsuccessful calls for Vice President Smith to primary Hamlin in the 2013 elections and led to independent Laura Horsley of Oasis challenging Hamlin and emerging as his main challenger. Since the address, Hamlin's numbers have risen back to the sixties and polls show him winning the election by double digits.


The Oasis Island economy was dominated by the entertainment and defense industries. The entertainment sector was dominated by a monopoly held by Middle Branch Media, a film, theatrical, publishing and music company. The entertainment industry was nearly one hundred percent of the Oasis Island economy until a decline in productions and popularity of MBM's products in May 2013 led to an economic slowdown.

To ease the slowdown, the Department of Defense announced initiatives to grow the military and expand the arsenal as means of industrial growth and job creation. The defense sector is led by Grant Arms Company, which produces firearms that are completely designed by the company for the nation.

Minimum wage laws

The Oasis Islands Senate passed legislation in August 2013 to allow a federal minimum wage that applies to all companies that were incorporated in the Oasis Islands as long as they are not legally incorporated in the United States. The wage saw resistance from Conservatives, but was ultimately passed after the People's Party used their majority to dissuade Sen. Daniel Stefanko from filibustering the bill.



In mid-June 2012, Hamlin and a couple of friends filmed a short film, "The Survivalists", on Island 1. The film is a parody of Bear Grylls and other survivalist television programs, particularly how the crew perceives them as fake. The film excessively shows the crew members trying to hide houses, bridges, tourists and other signs of civilization, as well blatantly referencing a team of emergency crews and scientists after Hamlin claimed he was going into the wilderness alone. It also shows Hamlin, the host of the show (who sports a Bear Grylls style accent), to be extremely incompetent on wildlife and history (claiming that Christopher Columbus founded the island) and to hate his job.

The nation, whose largest corporation was a film production studio, relies heavily on film for its GDP and culture. In macronational media, comedies are by far the most-watched genre of Islanders, with the President seeing nearly fifteen comedies at a local movie theater over the course of 2013.


Many Islanders' cuisine consisted of a fairly American diet including hamburgers and hot dogs, although many Italian influences were often inserted, including pizza, many types of pastas and Italian breads. Although German and Irish heritage made up the majority of the population, the foods of the two cultures are very rarely consumed.


Islanders enjoyed many types of music, specifically classic rock, various types of modern and older pop, modern rap and hip hop. Country music, although popular in the surrounding area, was cited as the least favorite genre by many of the nation's citizens and is often mocked by President Hamlin, who himself is also a fan of lounge music artists such as Frank Sinatra.


Although there was no official religion, Roman Catholicism is generally considered a leading religion, with around 52% of the population identifying as Roman Catholics. Although he identifies as gay, the President is a confirmed Catholic and openly practices his religion, saying that he's used in in his decision making and urge for peace with New Israel.


Geography and territories

The Oasis Islands, as the name implies, was a series of islands in the middle of a United States river. The nation wa made up of four island states and two mainland states, with the islands all within one hundred feet of each other.

  • The largest island was the Island of Oasis, which contains a sandy beach and vast grasslands that are home to several animals.
Mallards similar to those seen around the nation
  • The second largest island, named Serenity Island was formerly designated as a nature preserve for its consistent discovery of snapping turtle eggs and skulls, until development was permitted.
  • The third and smallest island, Loonshore Island was an island adjacent to Europa and will serve as a naval headquarters upon completion of a naval base.
  • Europa was an island adjacent to both Oasis and Loonshore.
  • The state of Costa Dorada was created by now Governor of the State Titus Smith. It is one of the mainland states.
  • Hamlinia was a mainland state that formerly was the capital of the Hamlinian Republic.

Other areas

  • Christ's Island is an uninhabitable island wedged between Serenity and Oasis. Owned by the Saxon Realms, it was transferred to the Holy Empire of New Israel as a bargaining chip to end the state of conflict between the two nations.
  • The Nixon Wildlife Refuge was a series of uninhabited islands to the east of Oasis that serve as a nature preserve for the island's various animals.
  • The South Oasis Bay was a small bay on the south shore of Oasis which serves as a unique swim spot with warmer and deeper water than the North Oasis Beach.

Terrain and Wildlife

The islands where the nation once stood contain several different types of terrain. There is a small sandy beach near the main access point to Oasis, which is commonly used by government officials on their vacation time. It has an area following the Oasis Creek where there is thick, dark, peat like mud. The majority of the island though is tall grasslands where numerous animals are said to live.

Animals on the island include ducks, frogs, snakes, and the occasional deer. In Serenity, snapping turtle skulls and jaw bones have been found, along with hatched snapping turtle eggs. The Island is being protected and the skulls were left on the island, but were reported missing, presumed washed away, on another expedition.

Parks and forests

The nation contained many public parks including Fort Hamlin Memorial Park, which is located at and around the site of Fort Hamlin, which was destroyed in a winter storm and contains a fire pit, a small garden and a sitting area. Another public park is Tipped Tree Park, which is notable for it's sitting area around a tree, which is notably resting near a 45 degree angle. National parks are also abundant due to the natural landscape. The most notable is the Oyster Beach National Park, which runs along Water Expressway 96 and is known for the oyster shells snapped by the river otters that live there, there is also Turtle Beach National Park, which was created to study turtle skull fragments and other turtle related ecology projects.

National defense

Smoke cloud following the Fort Reagan explosion

The defense department, led by Secretary of Defense Daniel Stefanko, highly relied on its naval forces, seeing how the nation was an archipelago. The military used almost no ground forces except for border protection and security for the nation's government officials. The military designs, develops and tests most of its own weapons for use in the field.

Fort Reagan explosion

On August 26, 2013, a smoke grenade exploded within the tiny confines of the Fort in a training accident. The explosion sent the four people training in the building scrambling for fresh air as smoke overwhelmed the complex. The smoke took almost 20 minutes to dissipate outside and lingered in the building for some time after. The building was closed during the initial investigation and re-opened after the Department of Defense deemed the explosion as operator error.

Foreign relations

The Oasis Islands, although being vocal about foreign issues, rarely requested or accepted invitations for foreign relations, instead retaining informal relationships with the international community as a whole. However, on September 29, 2013, Secretary of State and President Casey Hamlin announced a change to that policy and stated that diplomatic relationships with nations will begin to be sought in hopes of increasing the nation's stature in the world.

Diplomatic relations