Kadmurian Empire

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Kraljevina Kadmur(Kadmurian)
Kadmurisch Reich(German)
Imperija Kadmurska(Croatian)

Kadmúr Birodalom(Hungarian)

Kadmurian Empire(English)
Coat of arms
Motto: Unity is strength !
Anthem: Imperial Anthem
KadmuriaLocation.PNG(Location: in the red circle)
Official languagesKadmurian
GovernmentFederal Monarchy
• Census

The Kadmurian Empire was a sovereign state, founded on January 21, 2012. The country was made up of 7 grand duchies, and the original state Kadmuria, which became an Archduchy. The country was formed from the Kadmurian Autocratic Empire after the fall of the autocracy. The successor of the old Republic of Kadmuria is also the Kadmurian Empire.

The Kadmurian Empire was located between Austria and Hungary, and the capital city is in Austria. The official language is Kadmurian, but the government uses the English language for international communication. The Hungarian, Croatian (mainly in G.D. of Krain), and German language is also spoken in the country. After a long inactivity, the country became active again and a new head of the government was elected. The Kadmurian Empire wants to be active, and try to be a part of the great micronational world.

Foreign affairs

The Kadmurian Empire loves to make new relations, or make alliances. The country does not like war and if there if a enemy nation, the people will defend its country or will defend the allied nation.

Kadmuria has relations with these micronations:

Recognized nations without treaty

Recognized nations with treary

International Organizations

The Kadmurian Empire mainly would like to affiliate (make contact, relation, or alliance) with these micronations : (other micronations have also interest)

Macronational recognition

There are some macronational autonomous provinces, that are recognized by the Kadmurian government.

Flag of Kosovo.svg Republic of Kosovo
Flag of South Ossetia.svg South Ossetia
Flag of Abkhazia.svg Republic of Abkhazia
Flag of Transnistria (state).svg Transnistria
Flag of Taiwan.svg Taiwan (Republic of China)

Administrative Divisions

The Kadmurian Empire is made up of 7 Grand Duchies and 1 Archduchy. Güssing, the capital city of the country, has a separated region between Rijena, Kadmuria, and Sibini. The "head of government" of a Duchy is the duke. Each grand duchy has a duke, and the archduchy has an archduke. The country is solid and stable, with stable borders. The duchies are integral parts of the Kadmurian Empire. The largest city in Kadmuria is Körmend (in Kadmurian: Karmada, located in G.D. of Esijek), and the second is Güssing.

Territory Head of state Capital (Kadmurian) Total population Kadmurian citizens
Capital City of Güssing Manuel Berg Güssing 3772 9
Archduchyf of Kadmuria Henrik Renner Strem (Sermen) 930 5
Grand Duchy of Sibini Felicia Trafalgary Inzenhof (Insana) 315 2
Grand Duchy of Podlasia Leopold Freiburg Eltendorf (Altider) 983 5
Grand Duchy of Littor Petra Bostorn Rönök (Ruan) 436 3
Grand Duchy of Hercegnovi Nikolas Volhinsky Rábagyarmat (Rabeljano) 797 0
Grand Duchy of Esijek Matthias Kermendon Körmend (Karmada) 11924 11
Grand Duchy of Krain Michael Hoffelner Szentpéterfa (Santopeterin) 966 4
Grand Duchy of Rijena Severina Schönstein Tobaj (Torice) 1459 6