AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army

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AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army
Flag of the Army
Army of the People in Arms

Founded on 14 September 2010

Reason Atlantis Revolution
Ideologies Anarchism, Communism
Anthem: Anthem to the Rebellion
Coordinator:Comrade Sante Carbone

Installed in office 14 September 2010

Successor Office disbanded
Field Commander Mattia Belfort
Installed in office 29 September 2010
Successor Office disbanded
SubCommanders Manuel De Felice, Eddie Pedersen
Poseidon 15
Common of Uppsala 17

The AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army was the former revolutionary army of the Socialist Federation of Makhnovist. It was founded on September 13, 2010 by Sante Carbone and Manuel de Felice who sought to rebel against the Republic of Atlantis during the Atlantis Civil War.

September Revolution and Civil War

The first conflict in which the National Liberation Army was involved was against the loyalist Army of Atlantis. No violence initially occurred, as a result of diplomatic procedures, but both armies were prepared for combat. On the evening of September 15, 2010, President Carbone was followed by an agent of Atlantis Foreign Intelligence, who was most likely dispatched by President Virigili of the Republic of Atlantis. Carbone mobilized his troops in case of an attack by the loyalist forces. The following day, the Presidents met to write a treaty that would end the conflict.

Liberation of Poseidon

On September 18, the National Liberation Army captured the Atlantean capital of Poseidon. The invading force was under the command of Sante Carbone. The revolutionaries then established the Socialist Autonomous Republic of Atlantis in place of the Republic of Atlantis.

Virgili's Plot

On September 19, a group of militants led by Manuel de Felice obtained supplies from the National Liberation Army and used them to launch an attack on the loyalist army. When Virgili tried to enforce the treaty that had been drafted three days prior, de Felice declared that it was void, since, in fact, he had not actually agreed to its terms. Virgili was taken before the People's Court of Justice to be tried for treason. The court declared that he was guilty of crimes against humanity, war crimes, defamation, terrorism, corruption, attempted coup d'etat, and military action in a territory near the Socialist Autonomous Republic of Altantis. All diplomatic relation between the Republic of Atlantis and the Socialist Autonomous Republic of Atlantis ended, and a general warning was given to micronations that might side with the loyalist army:

All the micronations that support the loyalist cause and that have approved the criminal and fascist embargo shall be tried for war crimes and economic terrorism.

— People's Court of Justice, Atlantis


On September 20, 2010 the Tyler Revolutionary Forces declared war on the former Kingdom of Zurdonia, a supporter of the loyalist forces. The National Liberation Army sent a team from the Iron Column to support their efforts in the Pacific Front of the war. The Tyler Revolutionary Forces ended up winning the war against Zurdonia until the Republic of Kozuc was founded which tried the revolutionaries for war crimes. The TRF eventually lost the war against Zurdonia-Kozuc around the same time as the National Liberation Army was defeated by Atlantis.

End of the War

The Atlantis Civil War ended with the Treaty of Empire City. Gabriele Pellecchia and Federico Cangelosi surrended to the loyalists. Pellecchia was officialy readmitted into the Republic in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but Cangelosi was prosecuted for terrorism and treason. The effective life of the AnarchoCommunist NLA then ended.

Awards of the AnarchoCommunist NLA

  • Order of the Black Star: Given to the Revolutionares that have partecipated to the Battle of Poseidon
  • Award of the "Amigos of Durruti": Given to the people that have been for at least 6 month in the AnarchoCommunist NLA
  • Award of the Iron Column: Given to everyone that has militated in the elite forces of the Iron Column