Atlantis Civil War (Pacific Front)

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Atlantis Civil War (Pacific Front)
Part of The Atlantis Civil War
DateSeptember 20th - October 8th, 2010
Status Tyler Revolutionary Forces surrendered to the Republic of Kozuc as defined in the treaty between the TRF and the ROK; Kozuc Victory

Tyler Revolutionary Forces boarderAnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army

boarderFirst Libertarian Internationale

Republic of Kozuc Republic of Starland (20/9 - 7/10)

Republic of Atlantis

Holy Salanian Empire, GIA II Corps

Kingdom of Emerald Isle

Commanders and leaders

Tyler H.

boarderBjorn Eriksonn

President Chance

Vice President Riley
Secretary Logan

General Nik Hart

Jordan I

Conner O'Leary I

King Max Kasbar
30 25

The Atlantis Civil War was a civil war which occurred in the Republic of Atlantis. The second front of the Civil War was between the Tyler Revolutionary Forces and the Kingdom of Zurdonia. This was part of the Atlantis Civil War because the TRF said in a speech "Now if we win this civil war and our front we will not establish our own micronation but join the Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis. " After the Kingdom fell the newly created Republic of Kozuc joined the war.



The Tyler Revolutionary Forces (TRF), wanting to spread Communist ideology, declared support for the AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army in the Atlantis Civil War. Additionally, the TRF wanted to become part of the Kingdom of Zurdonia for the purpose of replacing the government with a communist empire. The TRF stated they would join the Socialist Autonom. Republic of Atlantis when the conflict ended. They joined the war upon the creation of the new republic.

First strike

The first attack of the war occurred when members of the TRF threw a firecracker into Premier Riley's backyard. The TRF soldiers then fled to Tyler's house and sheltered there for the night. The TRF's fire cracker did not damage anything in the Kingdom of Zurdonia. The firecracker was the property of Tyler H., the head of the TRF movement. The movement stated they had been planning on an extended battle, their soldiers retreated prematurely.

Major Engagements

Battle of the Fall

On Thursday, September 23, at 4pm PST (3pm Starland Standard Time), the largest stand off on the Pacific Front took place in the Kingdom of Zurdonia. All eight TRF soldiers and seven Zurdonian soldiers had an air soft battle. The battle would last for two hours and ended in a TRF victory. The Zurdonians had to retreat to Premier Riley's home. They were not followed and they stayed there for one hour. The Kingdom of Zurdonia says it will not respond to any further questions.

Battle of the Alley

At 3:34pm Pacific Standard Time (2:24 Starland Standard Time) on Friday, September 24, another battle ensued. All eight TRF soldiers stormed the Parliament building with air soft pistols after overpowering the guards. The parliament house is located across from a closed off alley which also across from Premier Riley's house. The guards sent this message to Premier Riley through their emergency radio:

"TRF forces have taken the building!"

There were three parliament members in the building and one remaining guard. The other guard had escaped to Premier Riley's house. The remaining three Zurdonian soldiers returned fire at the five TRF soldiers who were shooting out of windows in the parliament building. The battle officially ended after over an hour when the parliament building was taken back. The TRF soldiers ran back to Tyler's house while the seven Zurdonian soldiers were still exchanging fire.

Battle of the Parliament

Hours after the Battle of the Alley, another engagement occured. At 7:01pm Pacific Time (6:01pm Starland Standard Time), the TRF sent the following message to the Kingdom of Zurdonia:

"We have three more soldiers than you think and I advise you to withdraw your troops immediately or you will face annihilation."

After this message was received, the Kingdom of Zurdonia split into their divisions. Infantry division and Premier Riley went to the parliament house because its on the front line and the marines (other than Riley) went to the Premier's home. All soldiers are currently issued radios to communicate. After the Zurdonian Infantry took positions in the parliament house, Treasurer Liam and Sneator Kevin came over from the Premier's house to fight on the front line. The current base of operations is a poorly constructed radio station in the tree house in the back yard of the parliament building where the Premier is managing the battle and working on battle plans on his laptop.


On October 8, 2010, the TRF and the Republic of Kozuc signed an official treaty ending the war. Tyler would agree to surrender himself and his army to the Republic and agree to stand trial before the Kozuc Supreme Court.

Intermicronational response

Support for TRF

The First Libertarian Internationale declares full support to the TRF sending the Task Force of the Internationale and invite the TRF to join the Internationale to get more help from the other revolutionary forces.

The AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army as a friendly organization and for having the similar ideals join the Pacific Front of the Atlantis Civil War sending the elite force of the Iron Column

Support for the Republic of Kozuc

  • The Republic of Starland declares support for its ally, Zurdonia, and declared war on the TRF on September 20. However, on October 7, Her Excellency Prime Minister Destiny Elmo declared the end of Starland's military involvement but said the Republic would continue to provide political support.


  • Kingdom of Theodia - The Kingdom of Theodia condemns this "Petty conflict."
  • Barony of Kremlum Sandus - The Baron has expressed his fury and anger that such an idiot-war could be fought in the current day and age. He then continued to create anti-War propaganda, such as the poster to the right.

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