Kingdom of Emerald Isle

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Kingdom of Emerald Isle
Coat of arms
Motto: Semper Paratus (always Ready)
Anthem: Battle Hymn of the Kingdom
File:Emerald Isle, NC
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)Emerald Islander
GovernmentTransitional government
• King
HRH King Jackson Niles Alexander I
• Grand Lord
HRH Sir.Connor O'Leary I
Legislaturenational Parliament
EstablishmentAugust 18, 2010
• Census
CurrencyUS dollar
This nation is a member of the WMA, The Vanguard Powers, and the UCM

The Kingdom of Emerald Isle was founded on August 18, 2010 by the former President of Cliff Island, HRH King Jackson Niles Alexander I after the DRCI failed because of the second Cliff Island Civil War and Cliff Island serving as a Special Administrative District to Kingdom of Starland.


The Kingdom Emerald Isle's history is divided into eras.

  • The Founding Era - The Founding Era stretches from august 18, 2010 to august 20, 2010, It began with the end of The DRCI, after which the former DRCI became a Special Administrative District (SAD) of the Kingdom of Starland, It was then formed by the former President Jackson Alexander. After its founding, Emerald Isle was engulfed in a war with the Kingdom of Alaska. Emerald Isle Won and King Jackson was appointed heir to the Alaskan throne.
  • The First Peaceful Era - The Peaceful Era stretches from August 20, 2010 to September 16, 2010. It began after the end of the Alaskan war. In this era complete peace existed and many engineering marvels happened. such as the building of fort Alexander.Then the Draco Republic declared War on the Empire of Progle.
  • The First Cold War Era - The First Cold War Era stretches from September 16, 2010 to September 18, 2010. It Began when the Draco Republic declared War on the Empire of Progle. This caused several Micronations to Place Diplomatic and Trade Embargoes on the Draco Republic, Including the Kingdom of Emerald Isle.
  • Atlantis Civil War Era - The Atlantis Civil War Era stretches from September 18, 2010 to October 26, 2010. It started on 18 September when the Kingdom Became Militarily involved in the Atlantis Civil War, the Kingdom started only giving political support for the loyalists, but the Kingdom was forced to declare war on the Rebels shortly after. During the war, the Kingdom played a role in both the European theatre and the Pacific theatre. Later, the Kingdom celebrated the end of the War by declaring a national remembrance day on October 27, it being the first full day of peace in Atlantis. This era was so important in the history of Emerald Isle, The king authorized the creation of a dollar bill to honor the day, the bill will be released on October 27, 2011 and will be printed for only that week.
  • The Second Peaceful era - The Second Peaceful era stretches from October 26, 2010 and is ongoing. It began with the end of the Atlantis Civil War and the reformation of peace within the Micronational World. the Era has been called by some as the "great restoration" because of the fact that this era coincides with a time of reformation and a short feeling of peace in the micronational world. even though the era is considered peaceful, during it several external enemies threatened the kingdom including the former Draco Republic now the Runic Empire. but within the nation several great innovations happened. Some are the design and creation of the first emerald isle made aircraft, the final capture of the so-called "September assassin" approval by the king to design of a purpose-built parliament building, The updating of Fort Alexander, and a huge population boom with the population more than doubling in less than a week.


Main article:Politics in Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle uses the same type of government as the Kingdom of Alaska, Appointed Monarchy. In a Appointed Monarchy, the current Monarch picks a heir from the royal family. A King/Queen is the leader of the country and is responsable for running the government along with the Grand Lord. The King or Queen stay in power until they ether die or abdicate, but if the Monarch never appoints a heir, than the next oldest member of the Royal family is given the throne. The government also has a parliament, the Island Parliament, in which there is a represenitive from every territory.

Foreign relations

The Kingdom has many allies, most of which have carried on from the DRCI. Emerald Isle does not support Communism or facism, though it is tolerant of socialism dictatorships. The Kingdom is also a member of the WMA, Vanguard Powers and the UNCM.

Recognized nations

diplomatic relations/treaty with or is in a Organization with this nation are marked with an asterisk (*):

  • Egtavia

Unrecognized Nations

Enemies of the state


His Majesties Armed Forces (or Her Majesties Armed Forces) is divided into two branches, the Emerald Navy and the Secret Operations Service (SOS). The Navy is the main branch of the military and is divided into three branches, The Naval Infanty, The Oceanic Naval unit, and the Experimental Naval Air strike force. The SOS is a top secret branch of the armed forces and all infomation regarding them is strictly confidental.

Poster used during the Atlantis Civil War

Naval Infantry Units

  • 3rd Infantry Division
  • 12th Airborne Division
  • 21st field Artillery Division
  • 31st Tank Division
  • 42nd Marine Division
  • 52nd Development Division

Naval Ships

  • HMS incommunicado (BB-1)
  • HMS North Carolina (BB-2)

NASF Units

  • 1st fighter squadron
  • 11th bomber Squadron
  • 23rd ground division

SOS Units

  • Development Division
  • Government Protection Division
  • Special Missions Division


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