First Libertarian Internationale

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Official Languages English
Secretary- General Sante carbone
Vice Secretary-General Sante Carbone Alessandro Dacomo
Foundation 20 September 2010
Members 2
International's Ideology

Anarchism,Communism, Socialism,Internationalism



The Internationale
Motto: The Internationale future mankind!

The First Libertarian Internationale is the first inter-micronational organization that has the aim of giving economic, and when it's needed, military support, to all the revolutionary forces that fight for freedom in the whole world.

Creation of the Internationale

First Libertarian Internationale

The First Libertarian Internationale was founded the 20th of September,2010 as a proletarian reply to the bourgeois Micronational Alliance first of all the WMA. The Ideals that gave birth to the Internationale are the same of all the historical left Internationals, firstly the experience of the First Internationale of Bakunin and Marx; the internationalism as enemy of nationalism,fascism,nazism and racism and all kind of "Patriot" ideologies,Anarchism and Mutualism as thinked by Piotr Kroptkin, Libertarian Communism like Spanish CNT/FAI and Socialism in is authentic and genuine form.

Organization of the Internationale

The Libertarian Internationale is organized as a fusion of the structures of the First and Third Internationale. The Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis as creator member is Permanent Observer with the righ of veto but at the meantime puts is AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army as international task force to use in support of revolutionary forces. There is a General Secretary elected by the People's International Assembly that remains in charge for 1 year but can be always removed by popular referendum and can't approve a motion without the consent of the Assembly.

Internationale Task Force

The Internationale Task Force is the official Army of the Internationale that have the office of giving militar support in any place of the world when requested by cormades. It's based on a not gerarchic system like AnarchoCommunist NLA. All the members of the Internationale must send troops from their elite forces and that have political knoweledge. The Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis as Permanent Observer as the obbligation to get more troops that the other members and for now there is a battalion of the Iron Column of the NLA.

Actual use of the Task Force

The International Task Force is not used at the moment though the Socialist Autom Republic of Atlantis could use it in the Atlantis Civil War. Following the events of the Atlantis Civil War (Pacific Front) the Internationale decided to get is first international action. The Internationale and all his members declares an embargo to Kingdom of Zurdonia and to Republic of Starland two of the most criminal and dictatorial state of the whole micronation community. The Task Force is also sent as militar suppor to the Revolution.

The Revolution.jpg First Libertarian Internationale's poster for the Task Force engaged in the Atlantis Civil War

800px-IRA Resistance Poster.png

Poster for the Pacific Front of the Atlantis Civil War