Manuel De Felice

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Manuel De Felice, MP
5th Minister of Home Affairs
In office
6 January, 2012 - 26 January, 2012
Predecessor Francesco Esposito
Successor Giulio Borghetto
4th Director of the SIS
In office
30 May, 2011 - 6 January, 2012
Prime Minister Alexander Eastwood
Donato De Lellis
Predecessor Flavio Beninati
Successor Rodrigo Garcia
3rd Minister of Home Affairs
In office
31 October, 2010 - 6 June, 2011
Prime Minister Alexander Eastwood
Predecessor Riley Small
Successor Francesco Esposito
Citizenship Republic of Atlantis
Political party SocialDemocratic Party
Residence Poseidon
Religion Atheist
Military service
Allegiance Atlantis Armed Forces
Service/branch Atlantis Navy
In service 2010
Rank Major
Commands 1st Navy Division
Atlantis Marines Commando

Manuel De Felice is an Atlean SocialDemocrat politician and military officer. During the 2010 he participate to the Atlantis Civil War as soldier. He served as Minister of Home Affairs during the Eastwood Government II (2010-2011) and the Carbone Government (2012). The 30 May 2011 he was appointed Director of the SIS until the 6 January 2012 during the De Lellis Government.

September Revolution

Since the beginning of the Revolution, De Felice was one of the most active Comrades that protested against the laws and the politics of Alexander Virgili and with Comrade Sante Carbone he signed the motion of distrust against Virgili. He then partecipated to the Battle of Poseidon with the AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army and he was awarded with the Order of the Black Star for his courage.

Treaty of Surrender, rial and disputes

After the creation of the former Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis De Felice get in trouble for a false treaty that Virgili and the Republic of Atlantis used for sentence him. Following the Treaty of Surrender facts there were two processes where De Felice was first sentenced and then declared innocent.For more information see:Atlantis Court of Justice for War Crimes and Proletarian Solidarity.

Role in the Co.Re.Co

After that the truth has camed to light for the question of the Treaty of Surrender, De Felice was readmitted as citizen of the Socialist Federation of Makhnovist and was also promoted by Sante Carbone and the Supreme Assembly to the rank of Commander in Chief of the new born Co.Re.Co. In this role De Felice decided the equipment of the Co.Re.Co troops and organized the whole structure.


Order of the Black Star