Carbone Government

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Carbone Government
4th cabinet of the Republic of Atlantis
Date formed: 6 January 2012
Head of government: Sante Carbone
as Prime Minister
Party: SocialDemocratic Party
Opposition leader: Daniel Graystone

The Coburn Government start the 6 January 2012. Formed after the Atlantis General Elections of 2012 first cabinet made by only members of the SocialDemocratic Party. Third socialdemocrat government after the Eastwood Government and the Eastwood Government II.


Ministry Office Incumbent Image in Office since
Office of the Prime Minister
Prime Minister Sante Coburn Carbonepm.jpg

Ministry of Home Affairs
Minister of Home Affairs Giulio Borghetto Borghettophotosmall.PNG

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Eastwood 85px
Ministry of Defence
Minister of Defence Dain Reevahn Reevahnphoto.PNG

Ministry of Economy, Finance and Treasury
Minister of Economy, Finance and Treasury Marc Tiamat Marctianat.jpg
Ministry of Education, Research and Culture
Minister of Education, Research and Culture Marco Bluttemberg Marco.bluttemberg.jpg

Ministry of Justice
Minister of Justice Nicholas Larsen Larsenphotosmall.PNG