Communist Revolutionary Committees

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Communist Revolutionary Committees also known as Co.Re.Co are the official organization of the Socialist Federation of Makhnovist for the struggle against the Counter-Revolution and the foreign espionage, have also the task of intelligence and of secret service for the defense of the People.

Structure of the Co.Re.Co

Communist Revolutionary Commitees
Gru emblem.png
Logo of the Co.Re.Co
Intelligence Service

10 October 2010

1st Commander in Chief Manuel De Felice
Successor Incumbent

Installed in office:

11 October 2010

Effectives and Coordinators
CRC-1 9
Coordinator Alessandro Dacomo
CRC-2 13
Coordinator Erik Volin
Đơn vị Ghost 7
Coordinator Sante Carbone

The Co.Re.Co structure is divided in three sectors each one with his own task. For each sector there's a Coordinator that respond of his work to the Commander in Chief ot the Co.Re.Co elected by the Assemlby of the AnarchoCommunist National Liberation Army.

The three sectors are:

  • CRC-1: This sector has the task of internal counter espionage and of struggle against the Counter-Revolution; it performs its task in collaboration with the NLA
  • CRC-2: This is the international and intermicronational branc of the Co.Re.Co, its task is to get militar and political information about the foreign enemy.
  • Đơn vị Ghost: The highest level of the whole organization is the Đơn vị Ghost, the special troops of the Co.Re.Co; the tasks that can be assigned to this sector are several, but mainly it is used in not official mission of war, like the american's black ops troops.

Equipment of the Co.Re.Co

All the Co.Re.Co agents,officers and troops have the same equipment with some change in the uniform,a exception are the troops and officers of the Đơn vị Ghost that for having a different task have obviously a different equipment.


The basic form of the uniform is a grey suit with a busby-style hat, with the uniform the troops get also a canteen and two kind of softair weapons: a automatic rifle and semiautomatic pistol. The rifle is the well known AK-74 and the pistol is the Walther P38


CRC-1,CRC-2 troop and officers suit

Đơn vị Ghost

As we sayd the equipment and the uniform of this sector changes radically, the uniform is formed by a brown suit with a hat like the officers'one. The equipment also includes binocoulars also for night operation, and red bengalas. The weapon are a fullmetal AK 107 and a Beretta m9 pistol.


Đơn vị Ghost suit