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Mutual Recognition

would you b interested in a mutual recognition pact King Wallace of Archland

Thank you representative Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic for your interest in my micronation. For the time being I would like to halt diplomatic relations whilst I develop my nation but I hope to share diplomatic relations in the foreseeable future.

From, Emperor George I, Emperor of Domestiland

From Domestiland

Hello Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic,

Thank you for your recent comment. I would like to know about other micronations in the south England area. Do you know of any?

Thank you, Emperor George I, Emperor of Domestiland

Message from Emperor George of Domestiland

Hello Dale-Westland,

I have noticed a few similarities between the flag of New Dale and the flag of my micronation, the Empire of Domestiland. These similarities are solely accidental and I apologise for this. Maybe you could mention somewhere on your page that the flag is not to be confused with mine, stating that the top section of Domestiland Flag6.png is Sky blue and that New Dale's is dark navy blue? I would appreciate that. Also, could you help me with starting diplomatic relations with other nations in the south-east? Do you know the username for the USLSSR or whoever owns Llabdey at the moment?

Thank you, George


Thank you for your help regarding the USLSSR - it is much appreciated. I am considering contacting Austenasia also. On behalf of my micronation, I would hereby like to request the start of diplomatic in response to your earlier request a few months ago. Maybe some sort mutual recognition pact would be suitable?

I look forward to your reply, HIS Emperor George I, Emperor of Domestiland

Mutual Recognition Pact

Hello Dale-Westland,

I am afraid that I have very little experience in writing mutual recognition pacts. Therefore, please could you send a draft to ?

Thank you, HIS Emperor George I, Emperor of Domestiland

Domestiland Flag6.png

Mutual Recognition Pact

Hello Delsh Representative,

How is the draft for the mutual recognition pact going? I understand that Christmas time (presuming you celebrate) can be very busy so if you have not drafted it yet it is totally understandable. I would just like to hear a brief update of what's happening if that is OK with you.

Also, in what position in Dale-Westland's hierarchy are you? Would you be Danny Clarke, the President? If not, we must let him know to sign the pact/treaty.

My email is so the draft can be sent there,

Hope to hear soon, George