Guildford Federal City

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Guildford Federal City


Map of New Dale, shown in blue, and the Guildford Federal City, shown in grey.
Country Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic
Federal City Guildford Federal City
 - Governor Danny Clarke
 - Total 0*
Time zone GMT
*GFC has no official population, instead people living in Guildford become citizens of another republic of their choice.

The Guildford Federal City, also known as Guildford, or GFC, is the capital of the Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic. The Delsh-Westlandian capital has no official population and instead anyone who lives within the Guildford Federal City become citizens of a republic of their choice but as full citizens, not as Non-Territorial Citizens. The Guildford Federal City was previously located within the Guildford province of the Republic of New Dale before the territory was donated to the Federal Parliament in order to create a single national capital. With a population of 74,124, the Guildford Federal City has the 2nd highest population in the Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic after Dundee, 156,561, of the Republic of Caladonia.


The city was first claimed as part of the Surrey Democratic Republic before the land was quickly returned unofficially when the micronation became inactive. The territory was reclaimed by the Republic of New Dale when it was founded on 21 March 2013. On September 22, 2013, the passing of the Capital Territory Act 2013 resulted in the creation of the Guildford Federal City as the capital of the Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic after the Republic of New Dale, First Minister, James Hunt offered the territory to be Federal Parliament to help create a single capital for the federation.


While Guildford is the capital of the Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic, it does not host the Federal Parliament which has a purely virtual presence. However, there are considerations to have a Federal Parliament meeting face to face, although there are no guarantees that Guildford would host this event. The Guildford Federal City does not have its own representative in the Federal Parliament and is instead represented by the President of the Federation. The Guildford Federal City also does not have its own legislature and instead shares a joint legislature with the Republic of New Dale, hosted in Woking City, called the Dale-Guildford Council.

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