Federal Party of New Dale, Westland and Caladonia

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Federal Party of New Dale, Westland and Caladonia

The Federalist
ChairmanDanny Clarke
FoundedSeptember 17, 2013
HeadquartersWoking City
Membership (2013)2
Social Democracy
Dale-Westland National Identity
Political positionCentre-left
Seats in the Federal Parliament
1 / 4
Seats in the Dale-Guildford Council
1 / 2
Election symbol
Federal Party Flag (DWFR).png

The Federal Party of New Dale, Westland and Caladonia is a New Dale based political party of the Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic and has 2 seats in the Federal Parliament, making it the largest party in the national coalition, currently the President of the Federation and Delsh First Minister and 2 seats in the Dale-Guildford Council. The Federal Party aligns itself with Federalism, Social Democracy and Dale-Westland National Identity.


The Federal Party was founded by the President of the Federation, Danny Clarke on September 17, 2013 in Woking City, capital of the Republic of New Dale on the principles to all Republics working together as a federation instead of separately as individual republics. The party also ended the non-party stance of the Republic of New Dale. When the Dale-Guildford Council was created on November 6, 2013, seating the Delsh First Minister and Governor of the Guildford Federal City the party automatically became the only party in the council as a result.


  • Maintenance and expansion of human rights and civil rights, including: gender equality, equal rights for LGBT citizens, rights for people with physical and mental disabilities and workers' rights
  • Promoting Interculturalism and an intercultural understanding of Dale-Westland
  • Improving environmental protection through government regulations
  • Supporting a Dale-Westland self identified national identity
  • Expansion of the federation to include new republics
  • Equality of the political powers of republics

Caladonian Parliament Elections

In March 2014 the Federal Party confirmed that they would run in the Caladonian Parliament Elections held the following month, the candidate to take part is Federalist leader Danny Clarke. For the election the Federalist outlined several Caladonia specific policies which they would seek to implement should they win in the upcoming election.

  • Create the Ballumbie Federal City,
  • Create a Federal Party of Caladonia, separate but afflicted to the Federal Party of Dale-Westland,
  • Block attempts by the Caladonian Democratic Party from holding a Caladonian Independence Referendum,
  • Attempt to have a Caladonian Federal Party candidate for the Ballumbie Federal City by-election,
  • Introduce a flag and coat of arms of Ballumbie, ideally proposed by residents,
  • Devolve some powers away from the Federal Parliament,
  • Expand the People's Government petition service to allow citizens to propose a law to be revoked,
  • Improve communication between the Federal Parliament and local governments to better understand laws being passed at all levels,
  • Have a Caladonian Federal Party candidate represent Ballumbie both federally and locally within the next 2 elections for each legislature.

Election record


Election year # of overall votes % of overall vote # of overall seats won +/- Ref.
July 2013 3 100%
2 / 4
January 2014 3 17%
1 / 4
July 2014 TBC TBC
0 / 4


Election year # of overall votes % of overall vote # of overall seats won +/- Ref.
July 2013 2 100%
2 / 2
January 2014 3 100%
1 / 2
July 2014 TBC TBC
0 / 4

Caladonia Parliament

Election year # of overall votes % of overall vote # of overall seats won +/- Ref.
April 2014 1 25%
0 / 3

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