Dale News Agency

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Dale News Agency


Front page of DNA website since 2014

Front page of DNA website from 2013 to 2014
Format Online
Type News Website
Owner and Editor New Dale Government
Founded 9 August 2011
Language(s) English
Published on Website
Broadcast on Livestream (Entertainment)
Livestream (Sport)
Distributed In New Dale, Dale-Westland and internationally

Founded on the 9th August 2011, it was from the start intended to be run privately as soon as it was possible but that was not the case and the news agency was quickly nationalized until a long term owner could be found. The news agency had continued to be the national news agency of the Kingdom of the Dale Empire, the Dale Republic and the Republic of New Dale/Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic.


Dale News Agency, or just DNA, is the first and only national news provider of Dale-Woking, exceptions to this was the period of the Grand Empire of Knaphill and the Surrey Democratic Republic, both of which briefly used different news services.



The DNA TV, or the Dale News Agency Television Network is a TV network in the Republic of New Dale and part of the Dale News Agency. Officially launched in 2013 it was intended to broadcast pre-recorded matches of the 2013 MicroWiki Cup as well as potentially live matches under the name DNA TV Sport. No matches have been officially announced to be broadcast until the full list of qualified teams and fixtures are released in early November 2013. The previous broadcaster of the Dale Republic was the Dale Broadcasting Network, this was mostly unused and fell into inactivity with no official date of its discontinuing.


DNA TV Entertainment: DNA TV Entertainment is the general broadcaster of the Republic of New Dale and is one of several DNA TV channels. The channel was started to broadcast programmes which did not fit in a news or sports theme, there is no set restrictions on this channels programming and may show comedies, films, soaps and other programs which may become available for broadcast.
DNA TV Sport: DNA TV Sport is the sports broadcaster of the Republic of New Dale and the first channel of new broadcaster. The channel was started to broadcast both pre-recorded and live matches of the 2013 MicroWiki Cup, there is no set plan for its future after the tournament is held.
DNA TV News: DNA TV News is the News broadcaster of the Republic of New Dale and is the third of several DNA TV channels. The purpose of DNA TV News is to provide programs which provide information about the Republic of New Dale and Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic, whether this is in the form of documentaries or news shows.

DNA Radio

DNA Radio is the first and currently only radio broadcaster of the Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic. Its main broadcast are talk shows with plans to hold its first broadcast in April 2014.

Increasing Media outlets

Original design of the DNA website, 2011-2013

The DNA has had considerations to increase the number or media outlets as well as programs it could offer through these outlets and making them available to not only the other news agencies in the Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic but also foreign news agencies.

The DNA has also planned to include different mediums of broadcasting including radio as well as live and pre-recorded video. This new form of medium for media is first planned to be used during the 2013 MicroWiki Cup as a method to broadcast some matches. These matches would likely be done using the video game Football Manager 2013 and the mod Micronational Football League created by Dale Gaming interactive which added several Micronational football teams to the game.

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