Kingdom of the Dale Empire

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Kingdom of the Dale Empire

Flag of Dale Empire

Coat of arms of Dale Empire
Coat of arms
Motto: For future imperial glory
Anthem: I Vow to Thee, My Country

The regions underlined have a permanent population

Southern England, South Eastern China, Southern South Africa, an island off the coast of Venezuela, public land in Libya, a mountain range in Antartica, territory on the Washington state and British Columbia border
and largest city
Dale City
Official languagesEnglish, German and French(2 2nd most spoken)
Demonym(s)Da(Dale widely used)
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Monarch
HRIM King Danny Clarke I
Establishment22 May 2011
• Census
CurrencyDale Empire Pound
Time zoneUTC-8 to +8
Preceded by
Succeeded by
United Kingdom
Dale Transitional Council
official football leagues Dale Premier League and Green Triangle Championship. This micronation is a member of the Triple Alliance
History of Dale
Pre-Dale History
England (927 - 1707)
Kingdom of Great Britain (1707 - 1801)
United Kingdom (1801 - 2011)
Dale History
Kingdom of the Dale Empire (22 May 2011 - 22 Sept)
Dale Transitional Council (22 Sept - 26 Oct)
Dale Republic (2011-12) (26 Oct - 26 Oct)
Grand Empire of Knaphill (21 Oct - 26 Oct)
Surrey Democratic Republic (26 Oct - 2 Nov 2012)
Republic of New Dale (21 Mar 2013 - 18 May)
Dale-Westland (11 July - 18 May 2014)
Dale Republic (2 June 2015 - 29 Feb 2016)
Dale Commonwealth (1 Mar - 9 Nov 2016)
Dale Portal

The Kingdom of the Dale Empire (also known as Dale Empire), Königreich Dale Reich in German speaking regions or Royaume Dale Empire in the French speaking regions was an empire situated in various locations around the world. Its capital is Dale City, a territory within the United Kingdom. The locations of the territories include: China, South Africa, the United States of America, Canada, Germany, Denmark and England, where the bulk of the territory is located.

The Dale Empire's form of government was an absolute monarchy with a few advisors. Because of this, the Dale Empire uses both an emblem and a royal coat of arms. And Denonym for a Dale citizen is a Da but is pronounced day, the term dale is also used as a denonym. The word dale from which the entire empire revolves around comes from the name of the street from which the empire originated from and the capital is located.

The Dale Empire attempted to make itself a leading nation in the use of virtual programs from military to space travel. The Dale Empire was the leading micronation in virtual space travel with the use of His Majesty's Virtual Space Agency which in it self is a micronational first with them planning to be the first micronation to land on the moon virtually.

Between the 7–8 September 2011 there was a vote on the MicroWiki forum which was decide the future of the Dale Empire as a monarchy or as a republic. However because the poll ended as a tie it was left to a random name selector which selected the Dale Republic.



Before The Kingdom of the Dale Empire was created, all of its territories of the micronation belonged to the pre-Dale countries. The English Dale regions which is called Dale Kingdom which were all parts of the British county of Surrey and mainly surrounding the town of Woking in the north west of the county. In Britain the area of Woking is a Conservative Party safe seat where they have been elected every election since the Woking seat was created in 1950 guaranteed.

Historic Dale

Historic dale is believed to have been founded in either 2008 or 2009 and very little is remembered about this early micronation even though it's king has not changed between Historic and Present Dale. This means the Historic Dale as its known to be is believed to have been founded 3 years before former Dale Kingdom. Placing the Dale Empire amoung some of the worlds older micronations if historic dale is included and its time of inactivity is not. Very few is remembered about Historic Dale but two things are known about this historic micronation these are that the flag remains the same for both micronations and that the Lye region and Goldsworth Park were regions in both micronations.

Modern Dale

Modern Dale was officially founded on the 22 May 2011 as the Kingdom of the Dale Empire originally consisting of Dale City, the Lye Region and Goldsworth park lake. with a further 4 regions added the next day including the other inhabited region of Dale Farm. This was further followed by 3 more days of added territory.

On the 21 June 2011 the DAE (Dale Empire) declared some forest territory on the American Canadian border. These were called Ah dale and Daleville these became the first and only territories of North America.

The third inhabited territory is Dale Port(now called Freedom Town) and it the split headquarters of the Royal Dale Navy which it shares with Dale City.

On the 13 July the declaration of the nation's independence was finished. It was decided that non-English areas of the Dale Empire would form the Dale Kingdom, independent of the Dale Empire. This declaration is still awaiting to be sent to the Jonathan Lord, the MP of Woking, the county from which the Dale Kingdom is declaring its independence from and HM Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

On the 18 July it was decided that the Dale Empire would plan a expo for anyone to visit for of the Dale Empire's English regions. This, however, was cancelled to move focus on other things such as the Dale National Football Team and other areas in the Dale Empire.

On 19 August the official national anthem of the Dale Empire was changed from the original "We'll love our country" to one of England's National Anthems "I Vow to Thee, My Country".

Declaration of independence

On the 9th July inspired by South Sudan's independence, discussions between the king and high ranking officials began to discuss the possibility of the Dale Empire declaring its British territory independent from the rest of the United Kingdom. This was met with mainly positive responses but the main discussion was when to declare it, whether to do it now, or to wait and declare independence later.

On the 13th July it was formally agreed that the Dale Empire would declare its English territory independent from the rest of the UK but the country would call itself Dale Kingdom because it was not declaring any of its overseas territory independent. It was also decided that Dale Port would be renamed Freedom Town in celebration of the declaration.

On the 21st one day before the Dale Empire's 2 month anniversary, it was decided that the declaration would not be sent until things around the world have calmed down.

Da - European territory

The Dale Empire is from England and the bulk of the Dale Empire's territory is former British, there are 8 territories which are former British now Da territory. on the 22 June to celebrate the 1 month anniversary of the creation of the dale empire it was agreed that to help increase the population of the country a third populated region would be created near the other regions within the united kingdom this region was named Dale Port(Later renamed Freedom Town) and is the split headquarters of the royal dale navy.

On the 28 June 2011 grand Canal and James Canal were united into one region this was called Grand James Canal and was the largest of the English regions. on the 5 July the new region of dalestadt was claimed from the German Danish border and is the first dale territory from mainland Europe.This was follow quickly with the claim of dalecidade a Portuguese territory near the Portuguese capital of Lisbon. on the 10th July the dale empire claim what is the last territory claim by the dale empire. this region was called Fort Dale a large territory a larger than Grand James Canal and includes the British airfield of fairoaks which is now the official airport for the Dale Empire. Fairoaks is used by the RDAF as its virtual air force base for it's helicopterson the game Flight Simulator X.

  • Dale City(Capital)
  • Dale Farm (largest city)
  • Freedom Town
  • Viburnum City
  • Lye Region
  • Grand James Canal
  • Goldsworth Park Lake
  • Dalebarge
  • Fort Dale
  • Dalestadt
  • Dalecidade
Dale Kingdom

The internal Micronation of Dale Kingdom is the name given to the English regions of the Dale Empire which are on the list to be declared independent from the United Kingdom of the Dale Empire. The Regions on the declaration are as follows;

The Dale Kingdom keeps the same national flag and all of the national symbols that the Dale Empire uses.

Grand and James Canals
WW2 bunker located within Grand James Canal
WW2 bunker located within Grand James Canal

On the 28 June 2011 the previous Dale Empire regions of Grand Canal and James Canal were united by the 1st king of the Dale Empire King Danny Clarke I into a single region which was called Grand James Canal this region was extended beyond the previous regions making it the second biggest region in the Dale Empire's English territory known as the Dale Kingdom.

Below are the flags of the two previous Dale Kingdom regions Grand Canal below and James Canal.

The flag of the new Grand James Canal region is shown below;

A map of the new region is shown below;

The yellow outline on the above map is the new region and the red fill also located on this map is where the former regions were before the two regions were joined together.

Da - Asian Territory

Days after the creation of the Dale Empire, The Dale Empire claimed a area of Chinese mainland about the same size of Macau(former Portugese colony) and not far from the former british colony of Hong Kong which became the first overseas territtory of the Dale Empire. Chisdale is also the only Asian Territory to be claimed by the Dale Empire.

  • Chisdale

Da - African Territory

Days after the creation of the Dale Empire the territory of South Dale was claimed from South Africa by the Dale Empires to become it's first African territroy. The Dale Empire had also claimed an area of public land in the libyan capital of tripoli in support of the National Transitional Council this is a temporary region hoped to be given back in the event of a NTC victory in the libyan civil war. On the 28th August the Dale Empire claimed a second Libyan Territory in the City of Sirte where they claim all uninhabited and unmiliterized territory excluding roads, airfields and rail networks and will claim the territory until the NTC has won the libyan civil war.

  • South Dale
  • Da - NTC Territory
  • Second Da-NTC Territory

Da - Antartica territroy

On the same day the Dale Empire clamed the Antartic mountion range of Vinsen Massif as it is the Dale Empire's first and only Antartic territory. This is an Unadministrated territory because it is untouchable by Dale citizens.

  • Vissen Massif(Largest region)

Da - American territory

On the same day as the Dale claim over Chisdale was the claiming of Zenedale which was claimed from Venezuela this territory was the isla la blanquilla. This is the first and only island to to have a claim from the Dale Empire.

on the 21 June 2011, one day before the 1 month anniversary of the Kingdom of the Dale Empire's creation and two territories of north America been claimed from both the United States of America and Canada.

  • Ah Dale (Canadian)
  • Daleville (American)
  • Zenedale (Venezuelan)

Da - Celestial territory

An image of the creater claimed by the Dale Empire on the moon
An image of the creater claimed by the Dale Empire on the moon
An image by the Phoenix spacecraft pf the Dale Empire's Martian territory
An image by the Phoenix spacecraft pf the Dale Empire's Martian territory

On the 27 of August the Dale Empire has ended it's refusel to accept celestial territory as micronational territory and claimed their own this was the Dale Martian and Luner Regions. The Maritian Territory is a doughnut shaped territory which went around the NASA Phoenix Lander but not the lander itself and the Luner territory was the luner crater called Mercurius named after mercury.

  • Dale Martian Territory
  • Dale Luner Territory

Territory information

Administrated Territory

Administrated territories are dale territories located within the united kingdom and are directly controlled by the dale monarchy of a administrated approved by the king these administrators usually control a populated region. The Administrated territory has also been called Dale Kingdom revering to the international regions not being part of the country.

Flags Name Aberration Annexation Original country Populated
Dale City DAC 22/5/11 UK Yes
Dale Farm DAF 23/5/11 UK Yes
Freedom Town FRT 22/6/11 UK Yes
Viburnum City VIB 25/8/11 UK Yes
TBC 5th populated region TBC TBC UK Yes
TBC 6th populated region TBC TBC UK Yes
Lye Region LYE 22/5/11 UK No
Goldsworth park lake GPL 22/5/11 UK No
Grand James Canal GJC 28/6/11 UK No
Dalebarge DAB 23/5/11 UK No
Fort Dale FDA 10/7/11 UK No

King Colonies

A king colony is a overseas territory which is not directly administrated by the Dale Monarchy however they are still claimed as part of the Dale Empire and is inhabitable by people and animals.

Flags Name Aberration Reclassification Original country Populated
Chisdale CHI 24/7/11 China No
Zenedale ZEN 24/7/11 Venezuela No
South Dale SDA 24/7/11 South Africa No
Ah Dale ADA 24/7/11 Canada No
Daleville DAV 24/7/11 USA No
Dalestadt DAS 24/7/11 Denmark/Germany No
Dalecidade DCE 24/7/11 Portugal No

Unregulated Territories

A unregulated territory is a dale region which is uninhabitable or are unreachable for any diplomatic reason such as war or international dispute, There is also celestial regions which are both currently unreachable and uninhabitable.

Flags Name Aberration Reclassification Original country
Vinson Massif VIM 24/7/11 Antartica
Da-NTC Territory DNT 24/7/11 Libya
Second Da-NTC territory SDN 25/8/11 Libya
Dale Martian Region DMR 27/8/11 None(Mars)
Dale Luner Region DLR 27/8/11 None(The Moon)

Administrated Divisions

Dale Time Zones

The Dale Empire spreads across multiple time zones and uses the same time zones as the macronation from where the territory is from but some time zones are changed.

Time Zone Name Aberration Time Change Macronations Dale Region Notes
American Dale Time ADT -8 Canada
Ah Dale
Most western regions
Venezuelan Dale Time VDT -4 Venezuela Zenedale removes -½ from official Venezuelan time
Dale Portugese Time DPT -1 Portugal Dalecidade
Dale Central Time DCT ±0 United Kingdom Dale City
Dale Farm
Freedom town
Viburnum City
Lye Region
Goldsworth Park
Grand James Canal
Dale Euro-African Time DET +1 Germany
South Africa
South Dale
Dale Asian Time DAT +8 China Chisdale
Time Changes
Dale Summer Time DST +1 United Kingdom All Regions Applies to all regions during summer and begins on the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Sunday of October.(co-insides with British Summer Time)


The Dale Empire is run by an absolute monarchy. The current king of the Dale Empire is King Danny Clarke I. King Danny is the founder of the country and has full control over the entire country including internal and external affairs, the miltary and the countries space agency. The king's residence the royal dale palace is located in Dale City the countries capital.

Other forms of government

The government of the Dale Empire is not disputed by anyone and the Dale monarchy is seen as the sole ruling government over the Dale Empire but the king has given his views of other forms of government including a Dale Republic government and a soviet Dale government.


Dale Republic
Proposed flag of the Dale Republic

Motto "Long last, Dale Republic"

Goverment Federal Republic

In a Dale News Agency news report the king admitted he was willing to step down for a republic form of government but only for that republic form of government. Why he said this is not fully understood because there was no evidence that the king was or is in anyway unpopuler with his civilians and there was no evidence that any kind of protest has or could happen against his rule in the Dale Empire.


Dale Soviet Socialist Republic
Proposed flag of the DSSR

Motto "Dale workers unite"

Goverment Socialist Republic

King Danny Clarke I of the Dale Kingdom and it's empire said he was not willing to step down for any form of governments which would have imposed another form of autocracy replacing the current monarch autocracy and force a new form of autocracy on the Dale people such as a Dale Soviet Sociaist Republic and said he would protect his thrown in this situation and would not step down without protest from himself and his supporters.


The Kingdom of the Dale Empire's official and highest court is the Dale crown court which is currently used for all crimes but futher courts are planned to be orginised for use in other territories.

Symbols of the Dale Empire

The Dale Flag

The country takes massive pride in its unusual flag design which is unlike that of any other micro or macronations flag this flag is a massive national symbol and is very well respected by its citizens.

The dale empire has two recognised flag designs these are variations on the orientation of the black and green background of the flag both are recognised designs for the flag, and both designs are widely used.

The Dale Coat of Arms

The first coat of arms of the Dale Empire was a design made on a website and the coat of arms of Dale City which was the coat of arms when the Dale Empire moved to when the original coat of arms didn't work completely.

The current coat of arms is a modification of the Scottish Royal Arms with the last coat of arms placed on the estucheon. It is supported by a unicorn and a lion, crowned with the Royal Scottish Crown, holding the flags of England and the Dale Empire.


Dale Empire Pound

On September 1 at 00:02 The Dale Empire Pound will become the official currency of the Dale Empire replacing the Great British Pound before it. The central bank of the Dale Empire is the National Bank of the Dale Empire which operates the Dale economy after September 1, 2011. The currency is pegged to 0.20 Great British Pound before the 1st of January and reduced to 0.10 Great British Pound after. The Dale Empire Pound is also pegged to 0.30 United States dollar, 0.20 European Euro, 25 Japanese Yen and 2 Chinese Yen. On the 1st of September the Dale Empire Pound became the official currency of the Dale Empire.

Preceded by: Currency of the Dale Empire Succeded by:
w:United Kingdom Great British Pound 1 September 2011 - Present None

First Dale Exchange

The First Dale Exchange is the official currency exchange office of the Dale Empire. The First Dale Exchange will be official from January 1, 2012 the same day as the pegged amount for the Dale Empire Pound is reduced from 20p to 10p for every Dale Pound and the same day as the introduction of that years edition of the Dale Empire Pound.

His Majesty's Virtual Space Agency

On the 27th July 2011 king Danny ordered the creation of a virtual space agency which would use the Orbitier Space Flight Simulator this order was answered by the the dale empire's space agency called His Majesty's Virtual Space Agency. On the 5th August it was decided that the HMVSA would construct its first space station using the software Space Station Sim this was another HMVSA micronational first.

The HMVSA is expected to be the first micronation to land on the luner surface using the orbiter software. The HMVSA will be the first micronation to land on the luner surface during program Luna. The program Galileo named after the famous astronomer who pointed the worlds first telescope at the moon, this program will compared to the NASA program gemini because both programs are in preperation of the luner landings.


The DTDIAA stands for Dale Technology, Development, Innovation and advancement Agency which is the Dale Empire's most advance agency. Which is used to design, build and test some of the most advanced amateur technology avaliable to the Dale Empire which tries to build technology which matches the uses of macronational technology.

The DTDIAA is used by the Dale royal family to design both military technology as well as civilian tchnology including environmental technology to help the environment at a fraction of the price used by macronations.

Dale Mail

To celebrate the Dale Epire's 2 month anniversary of the micronations establishment not declearation of independence it was decided that the country would begin its own postal service for its inhabited regions. Dale Mail is currently a nationalised service within the Dale Empire, meaning it is run by the monarchy and is not widly used within the country. The diagram below shows the mail system used by Dale Mail for internal and external postage.


See main article: Culture of the Dale Empire