Dale Commonwealth

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Dale Commonwealth
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentEffective Anarchism
Establishment29 February 2016
• Census
CurrencyGreat British Pound
* Population is fluid and records are not kept

The Dale Commonwealth, also still widely referred to as the Dale Republic, or simply the Commonwealth, was a European non-territorial micronation which held a state of anarchism, removing the usage of government structures and operates only as a community structure to provide a service of "common good" activities, and is therefore a arguably borderline micronation. The Dale Commonwealth was founded by the passing of Dale Commonwealth Presidential Decree 2016, by the last president of the Dale Republic, Danny Clarke, in order to convert the Dale Republic, an inactive parliamentary republic to a fluid structure that allowed a variable population to use the Dale name and colours while not having to sustain a government structure.

The end of the Dale Commonwealth occurred on November 9, 2016 as the activity of the former Republic was considered non-existent and while operating a fluid population system it was still considered too low a priority for those associated with the nation to justify its continuation and was subsequently dissolved.


Following he reforming of the Dale Republic into the Dale Commonwealth it was also decided that the companies of the Dale Republic, all run by the same people would be effectively merged into a single company with multiple departments of varying names, this company is simply called "Sol". The company brings together 3 previously existing Dale companies as well as the creation of 2 new companies, one from the breakup of the Dale News Agency news and media departments and the creation of a brand new company, named "Exponential".

The companies that make up Sol include the following;