Dale City

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Dale City

COA Dale city.png
Emblem of the City
Dale city map.png
Country Larger The Royal Independent State Of The Dale Empire Flag.png Kingdom of the Dale Empire
Region Dale city flag.png Dale City
Founded 2011

Government City-Municipality
Mayor None - Administrated by the King

Time zone Dale Central Time(DCT) (UTC ±0)

Dale City is the capital of Dale Kingdom and Kingdom of the Dale Empire and home of the royal palace of His Royal Imperial Majesty King Danny Clarke I of the Dale Empire and home to the royal palace protection regiment the regiment created to defend the royal palace. The whole city consists of a single house the royal house due to King Danny Clarke beliving no one should be forced into dale territory that is why the only inhabited regions of the entire empire consist of Dale City and Dale Farm. The city was also home of the former Micronational Quad-Games System Committee headquarters and the former European Union (Micronational). The Capital of the Dale Empire was replaced by the Dale Republic Capital of Woking on the 22nd of September 2011.

Stratigic Value and Defence

As the Dale Dmpire capital it is a very important location when it comes to its stratigic use as having the biggest air base belonging to the Royal Dale Air Force and the biggest population of any city this makes it very inportant to protect. Dale City is protected by the R.P.P.R(Royal Palace Protection Regiment) a tiny force of body guards who protect the royal palace, Dale City and the local British population. The city is also protected by the part of the dale empire's Territorial Police Force which patrols the region and were first used by the Dale Empire as security whilst the english riots were taking place in london.

RDAFB Dale City

The Royal Dale Air Force Base is the first and largest base in the Dale Empire and is responcible for the protection of the city the aircraft responsible for protecting the city include the Proto-Omniwing(Paper) and the CAA Built Vigan(Paper) plane. the RDAF is awaiting its new aircraft the DC-1.

Dale city FC and ST. Dale FC

the first official team of the dale premier league was Dale City FC and is a major part of the regions sporting interests and this is the same with ST Dale FC named after the nearest village St. johns both teams are very popular in the region and both are supported by the king of the Dale Empire.

Dale City Flag and Emblem

The flag of the Dale City was inspired by King Danny Clarke's danish heritage by modifying the Danish national flag with the colours found on the Dale Empire's national flag. The cities emblem was the countries national emblem until it was replaced by the current nation emblem.

Sister Cities

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