Royal Dale Navy

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Royal Dale Navy
RDN - Flag.png
Royal Dale Navy ensign
Founded 22 May 2011
Country Kingdom of the Dale Empire


Part of


Dale Empire Armed Forces


King Danny Clarke I


CMS Dale

First Admiral of Dale King Danny Clarke I
High Navy Admiral Eamon
General Information

Naval Bases

RDNB Goldsworth Park

RDNB Dalebarge

Active personnel



The Greatest Peace is at Sea

Colours Blue and White

The Royal Dale Navy is the first and official navy of any dale state. It was brought into existence between 2009 and 2010 but under a different name and is older than the Royal Dale Navy and Royal Dale Air Force. It is a completely physical navy currently consisting of 7 vessels, however, the navy is unable to travel into deep water, so its main use is as a display navy. The Royal Dale Navy is a force considering of only 6 ships made of paper with foil waterproofing and has proven time and time again in tests to be highly effective. On the August 16th the latest weapon in the navies arsenal was the Royal Dale Marines one of the few marine forces in the micronational community.


The Royal Dale Navy is made up of several sub-branches. These are as follows:

  • The Royal Dale Navy Air Fleet
  • The Dale Cruiser Force
  • The Dale Battleship Brigade
  • The Dale Destroyer Units
  • The Dale Submarine Pack
  • The Royal Dale Merchant Fleet


  • 2 Helicopter Carriers
  • 4 Cruisers
  • 1 Merchant
ship type number of type
aircraft carriers 0
helicopter carriers 2
battleships 0
destroyers 0(1 under planning)
crusiers 4
Frigates 0
Merchant 1(1 Awaiting Construction)

Development of the Dale Navy

The exact date of the creation of the Dale Navy has been lost in time but is believed to be the same time as its first vessel CMS Invincible which to this day is believed to be the first vessel to be built out of paper and aluminium foil and proved that the design and the ship it self was a success when the vessel floated constantly in water for 1 week non stop and is the longest any dale vessel has been is water to date.

2009 - 2010

During this time the only vessel was CMS Invincible but was followed later by CMS Unsinkable to be the second vessel which is believed to have been built in the first half of 2010 but no records to confirm this time period. During this time the navy was near the point of uselessness because Dalebarge and Goldsworth Park Lake were not claimed so the dale navy at this time had no connection to any major body of water but the Navy stayed as a reserve force should like it did a large body of water would be claimed as Dale Territory.

Development of the Royal Dale Navy


The navy known as the Royal Dale Navy became into existence on the 22nd May 2011 as the first of the Royal Dale Armed Forces unlike the Dale Navy there was large bodies of water for the vessels could be placed in should it be useful. This new contact with water meant the Navy could grow and it did from 2 vessels to 5. The most important development for the new navy was the construction of the helicopter carriers and the formation of the Royal Dale Navy Air Fleet which meant the Royal Dale Navy had a special advantage over other micronations.

The Naval Expansion Program

On the 27th May King Danny Clarke I declared that the Navy's size will double to 10 vessels in a month and further improvements to technology used by the navy will be made better than any other micronation. On the 6th June it was released that King Danny wants the navy to create the worlds first micronation submarine this will be expected to be nothing special since the submarine will be a SSS or Semi-Submerged Submarine a world first for a micronation it is also expected to be cheap only paper and foil just like all other simple but long lasting combination for ships of any cheap micronation navy requiring very little maintenance since the ships can last more than a week constantly in water easily and King Danny also revealed he will allow this secret to be released to another nation on how to build SSS, Aircraft carriers, helicopter carriers and other cheap vessels. this deadline is expected to be extended to allow extra planning to be used for the SSS.

Defence cuts

On the 9th August the King announced defence cuts to both the Royal Dale navy and the Royal Dale Air Force. The Royal Dale Navy was further effected with the cancellation of the SSS, the battleship, one destroyer and 3 merchant vessels. However one merchant vessel and one destroyer are still expected to be built.

Flag Ship

On the 22nd May 2011 the title of flag ship of the Royal Dale Navy was awarded to CMS Dale the second of the Goldsworth class helicopter carriers and one of the first 3 helicopter carriers of the royal dale navy, but because of specification changes CMS Dale is twice the size of its sister ship CMS Goldsworth but is as of 5 June 2011 under hull refit after a waterproofing issue the vessels rear section was called non-seaworthy by King Clarke on the 3rd June and the title has gone to the Royal Dale Navy's first ship CMS Invincible named after the British invincible class aircraft carrier HMS Invincible. CMS Invincible was originally built in 2009 for the first Dale Empire Navy. CMS Dale is expected to return to service before mid June 2011. The original date of CMS Dale's return has been delayed but no date has been given for when the vessel return might return to active service. on the 18th June 2011 CMS Dale's refit was completed and has been re-given the title of flagship by King Danny Clarke.

Semi-Submerged Submarine (SSS)

The SSS is believed to be the first micronational example of a submarine, its nothing special it could be compared as a miniature version of the narco submarines used by south american drug traffickers able to carry a crew of about 7 men and 7 tons of illegal drugs and can not be disputed as an amazing achievement even if they are used for illegal purposes. the name given to this submarine will be CMS King Clarke this name was originally for the third carrier of the Goldsworth class helicopter carrier but the submarine was given the name after the original CMS King Clarke was cancelled.


Both of the vessels below have been build as physical vessels the first is a model of the Navy's flagship CMS Dale and the picture below that is of the oldest vessel in the fleet its exact date of construction has been lost but is know to have been built between 2009 and 2010 a year before the creation of the Royal Dale Navy and the Kingdom of the Dale Empire.Example of CMS Dale Invincible Class Crusier

King Clarke Ship

When the first helicopter carriers were submitted there were three the prototype CMS Goldsworth and the actual carriers CMS Dale and CMS King Clarke but when CMS King Clarke was cancelled the King demanded that there will be a vessel with the name CMS King Clarke it was later decided and revealed that the vessel will be the first submarine the Semi Submerged submarine(SSS) the King liked this idea and demanded that this vessel be finished for the end of the month next month including every stage of development and construction. This was cancelled with the Defence cuts and no replacement for the ship name is expected.

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CMS stands for Clarke's Mighty Ship the first letter will change depending on the ruling family of the Dale Empire and is used on at the start of the names of all current Royal Dale Navy vessels.

Change of colours

On 23 June the official colours of the Royal Dale Navy were changed by King Danny Clarke I from the original Black and Green to the New Blue and White colours.


  • First Admiral of Dale
  • Admiral of the Dale Fleet
  • High Navy Admiral
  • High Vice Admiral
  • Captain
  • Vessel Commander
  • Lieutenant-Commander
  • Dale Lieutenant
  • Vice Lieutenant
  • High Sailor
  • Sailor

Ships, class and names

  • CMS Goldsworth - Goldsworth Class - Helicopter carrier
  • CMS Dale - Goldsworth Class - Helicopter carrier
  • CMS Invincible - Invincible Class - Cruiser
  • CMS Unsinkable - Invincible Class - Cruiser
  • CMS Grand - Invincible Class - Cruiser
  • CMS Douglas - Invincible Class - Cruiser
  • CMS Canal - Canal Class - merchant ship

Royal Dale Marines

Royal Dale marines
Royal Dale Marine Emblem
Founded 16 August 2011
Country Kingdom of the Dale Empire

Part Of

Royal Dale Navy


King Danny Clarke I


Commader King Danny Clarke I
General Information
Headquarters Dale City
Barracks Confidential


Motto First one to fight
Colours Green, Black and White

Founded on the 16th August 2011 the latest weapon in the Dale Empire's offensive arsenal was created the Royal Dale Marines(or Dale Marines). They are the marine corps and amphibious infantry of the Dale Empire. They are the Dale Empire's specialist in amphibious warfare. They are the first Dale force to be deployed into any theatre of war the Dale Empire is in.

Dale Marine Mission Emblem

Just like the Royal Dale Aerial Assault Brigade the Royal Dale Marines have a separate emblem used on the commando uniforms during operations.


The Royal Dale marines operate a virtual Westland Lynx as a reconnaissance helicopter on the program Flight Simulator X.