Triple Alliance

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Triple Alliance
July 28-Sept 25
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Official Flag

Motto The three stars of unity

Headquarters None Decided

Official language English

Membership 3 member nations

Secretary-General None decided
Vice-Secretary General None decided

Historical era
Original Foundation July 28, 2011
Current August 11, 2011
Disestablished September 25, 2011

The Triple Alliance was a mutual recognition and defensive alliance between its three member states. It was founded on the 12th August 2010 between the Kingdom of the Dale Empire and the Holy Dallmark Empire. They were joined by the Marxist People's Republic of Burkland on the same day, completing the Triple Alliance. On August 21, the Holy Dallmark Empire was kicked out of the Triple Alliance for its offensive rant towards the MicroWiki by the Kingdom of the Dale Empire. They were replaced by Westsylvania. The Triple Alliance came to an end on September 25, 2011, when it was expanded to allow new members and became the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization.



The Triple Alliance was founded on the 28th of June, 2011 with it's three original members, the Grand Barony of Voltar, the Kingdom of the Dale Empire and the Empire of Arboria. The three countries were bonded each other with a strong relationship and decided to set up this organization for mutual assistance in the form of a symbiose, the countries would help each other, the countries would recognize each other, etc. + Originally founded as the Triple Alliance a mutual recognition and military alliance founded by three MicroWikia micronations including the Kingdom of the Dale Empire.


The Triple Alliance prevailed until the month of July which marked a series of key events. The Dale Empire moved from the Micronations.wikia website to this website leaving the Grand Barony of Voltar and the Arborian Empire behind on the old Wikia. The two remaining nations decided to stay on the previous Wikia, the leaders of the nations awarded each other medals that were generally given for "endurance" as more nations started to move to the new MicroWiki. Then, on the 30th of July, the Emperor of Arboria stated that he will also move to the new wiki. The Alliance was considered to be disbanded as only one nation remained on the previous wikia and soon, the Grand Barony of Voltar also moved to this wiki.

Refounding and member changing

On the 11th of August, negotiations between the Emperor of the Holy Dallmark Empire (then the Emperor of Arboria) and the King of the Kingdom of the Dale Empire arose on the formation of a new Triple Alliance. Both monarchs agreed but in the absence of the Grand Barony of Voltar, the two nations needed to find a suitable replacement for the Barony. In the same time, the Emperor of the Holy Dallmark Empire started diplomatic talks with the leader of the Marxist People's Republic of Burkland and he was soon offered to introduce his country into the alliance. The leaders of the Alliance agreed and on the 12th of August, Burkland was made a member of the Holy Dallmark Empire.

Removing the second founder and IMTO

On the early hours of the 21st of August the Dale Empire kicked the Holy Dallmark Empire out of the Triple Alliance because the leader of the Holy Dallmark Empire, Felix had an offencive rant aimed at the MicroWiki community. The next day King Danny Clarke I replaced the Holy Dallmark Empire with Westsylvania. On the 27th of August the Dale Empire demoted Burkland because they were unable to use Google Talk, which later became the official method to conduct Triple Summits. This method was never done and on September 22, 2011 the Dale Empire was replaced as a member of the Triple Alliance by the Dale Republic and on September 25 2011 it was decided by the 3 Triple Alliance members that they would expand the current limit of members to an unlimited level and this new organization was named the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization, The members by the end of the Triple Alliance were Burkland, the Dale Republic and Westsylvania.

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