Grand Barony of Voltar

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Grand Barony of Voltar
Flag of Grand Barony of Voltar
Coat of arms of Grand Barony of Voltar
Coat of arms
Motto: Unus Voltar, Unus Gens, Unus Futura (One Voltar, One Nation, One Future)
Anthem: We are Voltarians
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Baron
William I
• Census
CurrencyGinnie Sterling
Time zoneUTC
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Commonwealth of Voltar
Kingdom of New Anglia

The Grand Barony of Voltar was founded on the 1st of May 2011 by William Geoffrey Harwar Keating. Originally called the Commonwealth of Voltar, this non-territorial micronation was a monarchy known as a "Barony" and called itself a Sixth world nation.


The name was came from an abandoned project the Baron was doing before he even knew about micronations. The Project in question was something known the "Alpha Mass" a series of Sci-Fi stories loosely based off the "Teen Titans", the word was to appear in the 3rd/4th book of the series where the group are in an alternative universe, it was the name of what would have been an alternative version of Russia song by a sroucer, in a section based on the song "Dark of the Night" from the 1997 Don Bluth film "Anastasia". The Baron had original started the idea in late 2008 and was initially dropped in 2009 as the Baron had reached a mental block, the idea was recovered in 2010 when the word Voltar appeared but was dropped again as the Baron went on to do other works.

History and Information

Internal History

This micronation was set up by William Geoffrey Harwar Keating on the 1st of May 2011 in his house in Peterborough. The Original Name of this nation was the Commonwealth of Voltar, a Commonwealth in the thesaurus is another word for Republic, the Baron's original title of the Baron was a Magent which in the thesaurus was another word for President, after a while he became a Baron and stated he was a monarch, but the full title was still the Commonwealth of Voltar and how could you have a monarch of a republic, so he changed it into the Grand Barony of Voltar on the 10th of June 2011, a Barony is the defunct term for an area of land governed by Baron.

On the 11th of June 2011 Baron William I became an Honorary Dale Citizen, and became a member of the European Union (Micronational). On the 12th of June 2011 Baron William I declared the Capital City would by Atherstone named after the Avenue he lived in as a boy.

14 June Voltar signed the Dale City-Atherstone Treaty after King Danny Clarke I, Baron William I is planning to created a railway for Voltar.

On the 18th of June Voltar makes its first Pilgrimage to Walsingham, a place in England famed for having a replica of the house in Gallalie where the Angel Gabriel told Mary about the Infant Jesus.

The Royal Standard is a flag version of the Keating (Voltarian) Coat of Arms, Baron William's personal flag is the Royal Standard with his Monogram B W meaning B for Baron and W as in William, being he is the first Baron of Voltar to use the name William he does not need to put his number down.

Nathanial Foster became the Prime Minister of Voltar on the 12 July 2011

In July 2011 Baron William I started to assemble his government of which the image below is the flag.

On August the 15th 2011 I the national Coat of Arms was redesigned by the Baron but keep elements of the old one such as the same colours of the flag, the Liver Bird and the Holy Trinity, the shield design is different, giving a nice contrast with the Liver Birds being opposite colours to their background.

Between the 25th and 29 August information was added to the Voltar Page on MicroWiki so it would go up the Long Pages of MicroWiki going from the 300s to number 50 and beyond, simply to get to the same level of the Kingdom of the Dale Empire at number 14.

For around eight weeks Voltar had adopted the Deseret Alphabet as alternative rewriting form, but the Baron has discontinued this after finding out what were the views of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saint.

Starting on Wednesday the 7th of September 2011 a referendum on whether to change the name of Voltar to Nosterland, Noster is Latin for Our so Nosterland means Our land.

On the 11th of October 2011 Voltar joined the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organisation the successor to the Triple Alliance which Voltar was once a member of. The Poll has ended and the Grand Barony became a Kingdom called New Anglia with a new flag, Coat of Arms and New National Colours, on 1 January 2012.

External History and Foreign Relations

The first Micronation to be allied with Voltar was the Kingdom of the Dale Empire (now the Dale Republic), one reason being that King Danny Clarke I is a Liverpool F. C. supporter and the Coat of Arms of Voltar contains the Liver Bird. These two nation started the E. U. (M) (European Union (Micronational), but became disbanded.

Micronations recognised by Voltar

Flag Nation Status Notes
Aerican Empire Recognised
Empire of Atlantium Recognised
State of Bascal Allied nation Allied since late June 2011
Dominion of British West Florida Recognised
Marxist People's Republic of Burkland Allied nation Aliied since early August 2011
Dale Republic Allied nation Allied since May 2011 when it was known as the Kingdom of the Dale Empire
Principality of Sealand Recognised
Principality of Seborga Recognised
Principality of Hutt River Recognised
Republic of Molossia Recognised
Crown Dependency of Forvik Recognised
Kingdom of Lovely Recognised
North Crawford Allied Nation Allied since early October 2011
Kingdom of Vikesland Recognised


Head of state: Baron William I

Prime Minister: Nathanial Foster

Minister of the Armed Forces: Lord Matt Elderkin

Minister of Trade: Jo Lee

The Monarchy is an Absolute Monarchy but Baron William feels to complete the third criteria of the Montevideo Convention he would need a more physical Government them just himself, this may change after the Baron leaves school.

List of Prime Minister

Nathanial Foster (2011-...)


The Monarchy of Voltar is young and the youngest of the family is the Baron, that is if his uncles don't have any children.

List of Barons

Baron William I

Preceded by: Baron/ Baroness of Voltar, Protector of the Land Succeded by:
Monarchy established 1 May 2011 - Present -Title Destablished
Preceded by: Head of the House of Keating Succeded by:
House established 1 May 2011 - Present -

Line of Succession

1: HRM Baron William I

2: HRH Baronet Richard (Heir presumptive)

3: Count John Robotham


As of present Voltar has claimed no land, making it known as a Non-territorial Micronation and does not meet the first criteria of the Montevideo Convention

Atherstone CityAtherstone will be the capital city of Voltar, which will have Atherstone House the Royal House of Keating.

The Flag was Designed by the Baron. It features the St. Andrew Cross from the Scottish Flag, the St. Patrick Cross (as it appears on the Union Flag) and the Four Crosses of the Georgia Flag.

The will be designed to a 1:2 ratio much like the Armed Forces flag and the Union Flag of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Provinces of Voltar

Provinces under Voltar's control

  • Atherstone
  • Westwood
  • Sheilds
  • Marsden

All are named after place in Baron William I's history.

Atherstone is named after the street that Baron grew up on.

Westwood is the area of Peterborough in which Atherstone Avenue is sited.

Sheilds is named after South Sheilds were the Baron's Maternal grandparents lived.

Marsden is after Marsden Road where the Baron's Grandparents lived and Marsden an area of cliff near South Shields.

List of Award

Note: None of these Medals have surfaced as Voltar does not have the resources to have a mint.

Order of Saint Jude

This is given to the leaders of Allied Micronations and heroes in Voltar.


Archduke of the Order (A. D. O.) (Only to those in Voltar)

Duke of the Order (D. O.)

Lord of the Order (L. O.)

Count of the Order (C. O.)

Recipients:Baron William I (A. D. O), King Danny Clarke I (D. O.), Emperor Felix I (L. O.), President Matthew (C. O.), Amir Syafiq (L. O.)


Baron William I has passed an act to have a rail network (Model railway that is), but the location is still needed to be found. There are 20 locomotives, 12 coaches and 8 trucks.


The Banknotes are so far the only physical pieces of currency in Voltar as the nation does not have a mint to create the coins as described on the page that's link is below as well as there is no industry so there is no means of converting the currency to pounds, in effect the currency is inactive.

Ginnie Sterling

List of Pieces of Currency

The names are place in ascending order: the highest at the top.

Ginnie (gi-knee)

Shilling (sh-i-ling)



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