Voltarian ginnie sterling

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The currency of the Grand Barony of Voltar

The Currency work like Pre-decimalised British Currency code: GIS

20 Shilling= 1 Ginnie

10 Shilling= 1/2 Ginnie

5 Shilling= 1/4 Ginnie

12 Bob= 1 Shilling

5 Crown= 1 Bob

The Idea of using flags as the backgound of the banknotes came from the Republic of Resoria use of their flag on the their 1 Joller note:



Front Value Who is on it Flag
One Ginnie.png 1 Ginnies Charles Lutwidge Dodgeson (Lewis Carroll) St. Charles/ Lewis Holy Dallmark Empire
Five Ginnie.png 5 Ginnies King Henry 4th of France Marxist People's Republic of Burkland