Kingdom of New Anglia

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Kingdom of New Anglia
Coat of arms
Motto: Ut vexillum elevatum est peccabitis (Once the flag is raised it will never fall)
Anthem: The National Anthem of New Anglia
File:Cambridgshire, United Kingdom
and largest city
Atherstone City
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)New Anglian
GovernmentEnlightened Monarchy
• Head of State
King William the Founder
• Head of Government
" "
LegislatureRoyal Council
EstablishmentCommonwealth of Voltar 1st of May 2011

Grand Barony of Voltar 10th of June 2011

Kingdom of New Anglia 1st of Januray 2012
• Census
CurrencyDale Republic Pound
Time zoneUTC
2 changes to National Identity

The Kingdom of New Anglia was founded on the 1st of May 2011 by William Keating. Originally called the Commonwealth of Voltar it became the Grand Barony of Voltar this non-territorial micronation is a monarchy and is one of the first nations to call itself a Sixth world nation, and is also one of the first Micronations to be Enlightened Monarchy were the monarch has Absolute power over the country but he/she will listen to the people and be more democratic.


New Anglia comes from East Anglia were the Nation was founded in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire by King William, other names included Voltar (the original name) and Nosterland; Noster means "Our" so the name would have been Latin for Our Land.

The names were voted for in the MicroWiki Forums with 9 votes in all with New Anglia just getting ahead with 5 votes, Voltar 3 and Nosterland with one.

History and Information

Internal History

New Anglia was established by William Geoffrey Harwar Keating on the 1st of May 2011 in his house in Peterborough, originally naming it the Commonwealth of Voltar. A commonwealth in the thesaurus is another word for Republic, and the Baron's original title was a Magnet (Ma-ag-ne-T) which in the thesaurus was another word for president, after a while, he became a Baron and stated he was a monarch. Seeing he could not have a republic with a monarch, he changed it into the Grand Barony of Voltar on the 10th of June 2011. A Barony is a defunct term for an area of land governed by a baron. On the 1st of January, the nation became the Kingdom of New Anglia.

On the 26th of May 2011, Voltar gained 25 members making it have membership almost twice that of the Republic of Molossia.

On the 12th of June 2011, King William declared the Capital City would by Atherstone named after the Avenue he lived in as a boy.

14 June Voltar signed the Dale City-Atherstone Treaty after King Danny Clarke I

On the 18th of June New Anglia (then Voltar) made its' first Pilgrimage to Walsingham, a place in England famed for having a replica of the house in Gallalie where the Angel Gabriel told Mary about the Infant Jesus.

The Royal Standard is a flag version of the Keating (New Anglian) Coat of Arms, King William's personal flag is the Royal Standard with his Monogram K W meaning K for King and W as in William, being he is the first King of New Anglia to use the name William he does not need to put his number down.

Nathanial Foster became the Prime Minister of New Anglia on the 12th of July 2011, his term would later for nearly a year.

The King has started a collection of thing that are important to New Anglia's History.

Starting on Wednesday the 7th of September 2011 a referendum on whether to change the name of Voltar to Nosterland, Noster is Latin for Our so Nosterland means Our land. A new option was added on the 12th of October: New Anglia.

The Poll has ended and the Grand Barony would become a Kingdom and would be called New Anglia with a new flag, Coat of Arms and New National Colours, the Official change was the 1st of January 2012

On the 28th of December 2011, a Cyber Colony was added to the nation the Crown Dependency of Vasche with Prince Patrick as the Executive Power of this new self-governing dominion.

On the 3rd of March 2012, the Monarchy became an Enlightened Monarchy, the Powers of the monarchy are extend beyond the boundaries of the Constitution of New Anglia the Reign Monarch and any future Regent will have full Executive, Legislative and Judicial Power over the Royal Council. This has been known as the 3rd Amendment.

On the 16th of June 2012, the nation made its second visit (it's first as New Anglia ) to Walsingham, sadly King William forgot his camera.

King William has used New Anglia as a setting in an ongoing series of short films and a review series, creating a mythos of science and magic with himself in the middle of it.

On the 1st of January 2014, due to the build-up of other projects not allowing him time to work on New Anglia, King William decide to call the Kingdom defunct. However, he also decided to continue with the fictional New Anglia.

External History and Foreign Relations

The first Micronation to be allied with New Anglia was the Kingdom of the Dale Empire, one reason being that King Danny Clarke I is a Liverpool F. C. supporter and the Coat of Arms of Voltar (At that time) contained the Liver Bird. These two nations started the E. U. (M) (European Union (Micronational) but became disbanded. The Nation is now the Dale Republic.

The seconded Micronation was the Empire of Arboria, who had joined the E. U. (M), all three nation joined in the Triple Alliance. The Empire then join with two other nations: the Kingdom of the Oakland and the Empire of Dallmark, all three of these nations became the Holy Dallmark Empire, with the leader of the first two: Felix I as the Holy Empire of Dallmark. When the three nations came to this Wiki, the Barony was not included in the reform of the Alliance. The Marxist People's Republic of Burkland was found a suitable replacement.

The Emperor of Dallmark Felix I or as his user: Kokoszkingston, became inactive due to a block of his user, the page of his micronation was deleted, however, the block was supposed lasted for two days, 22–24 August, and as this was written on the 28th. Felix returned to the site but under the Username: Monarchia, he has left a message on the King's User Discussion Page, however, he has not corresponded since.

28 June 2011 New Anglia accepted an Alliance with The Fumetsu Empire, however, is seems inactive at the present time.

The State of Bascal became an ally.

Legatia is also an ally.

North Crawford has been added to the list of Allies.

Micronations recognised by New Anglia

Flag Nation Status Notes
Principality of Sealand Recognised
Principality of Seborga Recognised
Principality of Hutt River Recognised
Aerican Empire Recognised
Republic of Molossia Recognised
Kingdom of Elleore Recognised
Crown Dependency of Forvik Recognised
Empire of Atlantium Recognised
Kingdom of Lovely Recognised
Republic of New Dale Allied nation Allied since May 2011 when it was the Kingdom of the Dale Empire
Kingdom of Vikesland Recognised
State of Bascal Allied nation Allied since late June 2011
Legatia Allied nation Allied since early August 2011 when it was the Marxist People Republic of Burkland
Dominion of British West Florida Recognised
North Crawford Allied Nation Allied since Early October 2011, however, New Anglia choose to stay neutral in the Westsylvania War
Kingdom of Pavlov Recognised & Informal Diplomatic Relations
Imperium of Serica Recognised & Informal Diplomatic Relations

Law and order

Simple rule edited from the Ten Commandments (The Last one is from the rules of King Danny I of Lovely):

1: You shall have no other Leader before the Reigning Monarch

2: You shall not make for yourself an idol

3: Honor your father and mother

4: You shall not kill/commit adultery/ steal or rape

5: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour (be honest)

6: Remember the countries holidays and Honour them

7: Be good

Enemies of New Anglia

This is a list of MicroWiki Users and people in connection with King William and the reasons of them being enemies.

  • Vandalism
  • Vandalism
  • OueenOfBelton: Vandalism
  • Richardkeating: Vandalism
  • Euansmith897: Vandalism
  • MuffinMan123: " "
  • " "
  • Wigwan: " "
  • V1rus " "
  • Socialist King Johan " "

(There is a possible chance that these Users are connected)


  • Junaid Waheid: Mocking the King and New Anglia itself
  • Harley Davit: Mocking the King
  • Liam Occivol: Mocking the King
  • Principality of Novum Angliae: Claim false copyright claims on the name of the Nation, trying to supple forged evidenced to the King.


Known as the Royal Council in the Constitution of the New Anglia

Head of State: King William

Currently, the Royal Council is inactive due to ministers parting ways with King William.

When the Royal Council is inactive the Head of State is given full powers in all three branches of government when the council is active (with all the necessary minister) the legislative and judicial power are removed and separated. If certain ministers in charge of branches are unaccounted for then the Head of State retains the powers of those branches.

List of Prime Minister

Nathanial Foster (June 2011- 2012)


The Monarchy of New Anglia is young and the youngest of the family is the King, that is if his uncle doesn't have any children.

List of Kings

King William the Founder

Preceded by: King/ Queen of New Anglia, Protector of the Land Succeded by:
Monarchy established 1 January 2012 - Present -
Preceded by: Head of the House of Keating Succeded by:
House established 10 June 2011 - Present -
Preceded by: Grand Master of the RMOA Succeded by:
Froce established 29 April 2012 - Present -

Line of Succession

1: Richard (Heir presumptive)

If the reigning monarch dies without leaving an Heir Presumptive or Apparent, then any member of the Pregree can become a candidate to be King, the population would vote (by the Alternative Vote) on who would be king an Elective monarchy, if the new King has an heir the monarchy will revert to a Hereditary monarchy.

Macronations and Movements

Flag Nation Status Notes
Republic of Kosovo Recognised
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northen Ireland Recognised
United States of America Recognised
Republic of South Sudan Recognised
State of the Vatican City (Stato della Città del Vaticano) Recognised
Libyan Republic Recognised
Palestine Recognised Recognises the Palestinian right to Independence
Andorra Recognised
Principality of Liechtenstein Recognised
National Council of Syria Supports Recognizes as legitimate Syrian Government.
Falkland Islands Supports Recognizes British claim to the Falkland Islands


As of present New Anglia has claimed no land, making it known as a Non-territorial Micronation and does not meet the first criteria of the Montevideo Convention.

Atherstone City

Atherstone will be the capital city of New Anglia, which will have Atherstone House the Royal House of Keating.

The Flag was designed by the King.

They will be designed to a 1:2 ratio much like the Armed Forces flag and the Union Flag of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Flag is the same as the design of the Coat of Arms

Provinces of New Anglia

Provinces under New Anglia's control

  • Atherstone
  • Westwood
  • Sheilds
  • Marsden

All are named after a place in King William's history.

Atherstone is named after the street that King grew up in.

Westwood is the area of Peterborough where Atherstone Avenue is sited.

Sheilds is named after South Sheilds were the King's Maternal grandparents lived.

Marsden is after Marsden Road where the King's Grandparents lived and Marsden an area of a cliff near South Sheilds.

List of Award

Note; None of these medals have yet to surface as New Anglia does not have the resources to have a mint.

Order of Saint Jude

This is given to the leaders of Allied Micronation and heroes in New Anglia.


Archduke of the Order (A. D. O.) (Only to those in New Anglia)

Duke/Duchess of the Order (D. O.)

Lord/Lady of the Order (L. O.)

Earl/Countess of the Order (C. O.)


King William (A. D. O)

Danny Clarke (D. O.)

Emperor Felix I (L. O.)

President Matthew (C. O.)

Amir Syafiq (L. O.)

Alex Ulbricht (L.O.)

Order of the Crown (O. C.)

Coin Medal with a Blue and Black ribbon.


King William

Royal Order of the Cross ROC

Cross Medal with a Black and Yellow ribbon.


King William

Keating Star KS

The Highest award inside the nation of New Anglia: Star Medal with a Red, White and Black ribbon


King William

Corporal Medal (CM)

Coin Medal with Corporal stripes in the front. The ribbon is Blue, White and Red, the colour of the Royal Air Force.

Note: This Medal is in honour of King William's late Grandfather: Corporal John of the R. A. F.


King William

Armed Force





Air Force


Royal Military Order of Atherstone (R. M. O. A)

The Personal Guard to the Royal Family, Depended only to the King.

Inspired by the Papal w:Swiss Guard of the w:Vatican City


Unlike the other three Armed Forces the RMOA have separate ranks.

Highest: Grand Master (Equivalent to Field Marshall)

Secondary Master (General)




Lowest: Private


Nation Anthem

The National Anthem uses the melody of the State Anthem of the Estonian SSR


The Flag

The flag of this micronation designed by King William. It uses the National Colours, White for Peace, Blue of Justice, Black for Determination

It features the Coat of Arms of the nation as King William has always like flags with Coat of Arms.

The Liver Bird

The National Bird of New Anglia

The Earliest use of the Bird been associated with the then-town of Liverpool was on a seal dating from the 1350s which is now held in the British Museum. The possible species is long debated, the seal that King John had to give Liverpool the right to be a Borough back in 1207, in honour of his patron saint, frequently used the device of an eagle- associated with St. John.

By the 17th century, the origins of the bird had begun to be forgotten, with references to the bird as a cormorant, still a common bird in the coastal waters near Liverpool. The 17th century mace refers to a "leaver", while a manual on heraldry from later in the century confuses matters further by assuming this term is related to the old Low Dutch word lefter, meaning spoonbill - a bird rarely found in northern England.

The College of Arms refers to a cormorant, adding that the sprig in the mouth is of laver, a type of seaweed, thus implying that the bird's appellation comes from the sprig.

The bird thus appears to have originally been intended to be an eagle but is now officially a cormorant. Many modern interpretations of the symbol are of a cormorant, although several - notably that on the emblem of Liverpool Football Club - distinctly show the short head and curved beak more readily associated with a bird of prey.

It is commonly seen on top of the Liver Building, it's also found on many coats of arms in Liverpool, most notably Liverpool Football Club.


Most World sports are allowed in New Anglia but it also has its own sport: Crickleball.


The National Sport designed and invented by King William, the name was voted for on the Forums of MicroWiki. As of April 2013, no games of the sport has been played, primarily due to the lack of grounds.


1.At Least 5 players per-team.

2. There has to be a Racker (the person how holds the bat) and a thrower and at least 4 fieldsmen (the remaining player on the Throwers side).

3. There is a net behind the Racker if the Ball hits the net then the racker is out and 1 point goes to the thrower's team.

4. If a fieldsman catches the ball before it hits the ground then the Racker is out.

5. The Racker has to circulate the marked ground as many times as possible before the ball is returned to the Thrower, the more rounds the more points.

6. When all of the Rackers sides have played, the team change sides.

7. The Team Captain of the Racker side has to play first and the Thrower has to be the Captain of the team.


Dale Republic Pound

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