Westsylvania War

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Westsylvania War
Westsylvania War 1.jpg
DateNovember 5, 2011 - December 25, 2011 (officially)
Result Westsylvania Victory

WestsylvaniaFlag.png Westsylvania Flagbig.gif Nation of Athens
Flag of dekker.png Principality of Dekker

FortDC1.png Fort DC

Militia22.png Titusville Militia

Flag of North Crawford.pngNorth CrawfordUntil December 6 Flag of Anarchy.jpg Anarchist

CrawfordEmpire.png Crawford Empire From December 6

Titusville.gif Titusville Loyalist
Commanders and leaders

WestsylvaniaFlag.png Mac Coat Flagbig.gif Nathan Skidmore

FortDC1.png Alex

Flag of North Crawford.png/CrawfordEmpire.png James

Flag of Anarchy.jpg Unknown

WestsylvaniaFlag.png 3 Flagbig.gif 28

Flag of dekker.png 17

FortDC1.png 1

Militia22.png 2

Flag of North Crawford.png 7 Flag of Anarchy.jpg Unknown

Titusville.gif 1

The Westsylvania War is a large scale invasion of the Republic of Westsylvania by North Crawford to "Unite Crawford County". It began on November 5, 2011 with the expiration of the Treaty of Titusville, a non-aggression pact between the two nations.


The hostilities began with a capture of Townville. After that attack Westsylvania forces retreat to Fort Mich. Battles continue on the border while North Crawford tries to break Westsylvanian defenses.


November 5

  • Battle of Townville- a brief battle that lead to an North Crawford victory. Westsylvania army was pushed back to Fort Mich.
  • Battle of the Frost - A North Crawford ambush on an IMTO patrol. The ambush was a failure. IMTO victory.
  • Siege of Fort Mich - A major siege of Fort Mich by North Crawford. An decisive Westsylvanian victory.
  • Battle of Little Hydetown - A joint strike of IMTO and WTG forces. A Westsylvanian and IMTO victory.
  • Battle of Troy - An attempt to secure a hill in the Troy Township by Westsylvania. Decisive North Crawford victory.

November 6

  • The Second Battle of Troy - A morning raid to take an hill in troy by Westylvania. North Crawford victory.

November 7

  • Second Battle of Little Hydetown- A North Crawford attempt to recapture Little Hydetown. Westsylvania victory.
  • The Third Battle of Troy- Westsylvania tried to take Troy Mountain. North Crawford victory.
  • Siege of Fort Michel - A Westsylvanian counter attack after the Second Battle of Little Hydetown. North Crawford victory.
  • Second Battle of Fort Mich- North Crawford tried to take Fort Mich. Westsylvania victory.
  • Siege of Fort Minor- A major attempt of North Crawford to take Fort Minor. North Crawford victory; anarchists join after the siege. IMTO and Westsylvania forces retreat to Fort Mich.
  • Recapture of Fort Minor- IMTO and Westsylvanian attempt to recapture Fort Minor. Westsylvanian and IMTO victory.

November 9

  • Battle of Fort Minor - North Crawford victory. Fort Minor falls.
  • Second Battle of Townville - Westsylvanian Victory. Townville return to Westsylvanian hands.

November 10

  • Battle of Hydetown - North Crawford Victory. Full control of the city
  • Battle of Linesville - North Crawford Victory. Westsylvania retreated to Pymatuming Central. Joint Territory of the Pymatuning Lake Islands are at risk of invasion.

November 13

  • Siege of Hydetown - Westsylvania Victory. All of Hydetown except Fort Minor is under Westsylvania control.

November 15

  • Battle of Pymatuming - Battle is Indecisive due to poor weather

December 4

  • Battle of New Jersey - A battle wage by the Fort DC and Westsylvania against a North Crawford Loyalist.

December 5

  • Battle of Titusville - Indecisive, Both sides declare victory

December 6

  • Battle of the Snow - Westsylvanian victory.

December 9

  • The Grand Battle of Troy Hill- Major Westsylvnaina, IMTO, and Titusville militia victory, the start of the Crawford Empire Civil War and the Titusville War.

Intermicronational response

Support for Westsylvania


Support for North Crawford

  • Flag of Anarchy.jpg Anarchist
  • Titusville.gif Titusville Loyalist