Westsylvania War

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Westsylvania War
Westsylvania War 1.jpg
Date November 5, 2011 - December 25, 2011 (officially)
Location North Crawford - Westsylvania border.
Result Westsylvania Victory
WestsylvaniaFlag.png Westsylvania

Flagbig.gif Nation of Athens
Flag of dekker.png Principality of Dekker

FortDC1.png Fort DC

Militia22.png Titusville Militia

Flag of North Crawford.pngNorth CrawfordUntil December 6

Flag of Anarchy.jpg Anarchist

CrawfordEmpire.png Crawford Empire From December 6

Titusville.gif Titusville Loyalist

WestsylvaniaFlag.png Mac Coat

Flagbig.gif Nathan Skidmore

FortDC1.png Alex

Flag of North Crawford.png/CrawfordEmpire.png James

Flag of Anarchy.jpg Unknown

WestsylvaniaFlag.png 3

Flagbig.gif 28

Flag of dekker.png 17

FortDC1.png 1

Militia22.png 2

Flag of North Crawford.png 7

Flag of Anarchy.jpg Unknown

Titusville.gif 1

The Westsylvania War is a large scale invasion of the Republic of Westsylvania by North Crawford to "Unite Crawford County". It began on November 5th, 2011 with the expiration of the Treaty of Titusville, a non-aggression pact between the two nations.


The hostilities began with a capture of Townville. After that attack Westsylvania forces retreat to Fort Mich. Battles continue on the border while North Crawford tries to break Westsylvanian defenses.


November 5

  • Battle of Townville- a brief battle that lead to an North Crawford victory. Westsylvania army was pushed back to Fort Mich.
  • Battle of the Frost - A North Crawford ambush on an IMTO patrol. The ambush was a failure. IMTO victory.
  • Siege of Fort Mich - A major siege of Fort Mich by North Crawford. An decisive Westsylvanian victory.
  • Battle of Little Hydetown - A joint strike of IMTO and WTG forces. A Westsylvanian and IMTO victory.
  • Battle of Troy - An attempt to secure a hill in the Troy Township by Westsylvania. Decisive North Crawford victory.

November 6

  • The Second Battle of Troy - A morning raid to take an hill in troy by Westylvania. North Crawford victory.

November 7

  • Second Battle of Little Hydetown- A North Crawford attempt to recapture Little Hydetown. Westsylvania victory.
  • The Third Battle of Troy- Westsylvania tried to take Troy Mountain. North Crawford victory.
  • Siege of Fort Michel - A Westsylvanian counter attack after the Second Battle of Little Hydetown. North Crawford victory.
  • Second Battle of Fort Mich- North Crawford tried to take Fort Mich. Westsylvania victory.
  • Siege of Fort Minor- A major attempt of North Crawford to take Fort Minor. North Crawford victory; anarchists join after the siege. IMTO and Westsylvania forces retreat to Fort Mich.
  • Recapture of Fort Minor- IMTO and Westsylvanian attempt to recapture Fort Minor. Westsylvanian and IMTO victory.

November 9

  • Battle of Fort Minor - North Crawford victory. Fort Minor falls.
  • Second Battle of Townville - Westsylvanian Victory. Townville return to Westsylvanian hands.

November 10

  • Battle of Hydetown - North Crawford Victory. Full control of the city
  • Battle of Linesville - North Crawford Victory. Westsylvania retreated to Pymatuming Central. Joint Territory of the Pymatuning Lake Islands are at risk of invasion.

November 13

  • Siege of Hydetown - Westsylvania Victory. All of Hydetown except Fort Minor is under Westsylvania control.

November 15

  • Battle of Pymatuming - Battle is Indecisive due to poor weather

December 4

  • Battle of New Jersey - A battle wage by the Fort DC and Westsylvania against a North Crawford Loyalist.

December 5

  • Battle of Titusville - Indecisive, Both sides declare victory

December 6

  • Battle of the Snow - Westsylvanian victory.

December 9

  • The Grand Battle of Troy Hill- Major Westsylvnaina, IMTO, and Titusville militia victory, the start of the Crawford Empire Civil War and the Titusville War.

Intermicronational response

Support for Westsylvania


Support for North Crawford

  • Flag of Anarchy.jpg Anarchist
  • Titusville.gif Titusville Loyalist