Alex Ulbricht

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Alex Ulbricht
Ulbricht at Marx's grave
President of the USLSSR
In office
9 June 2010 - 20 November 2011
Gen. Secretary Rory Krenz
Vice-President Oliver Honecker
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
Deputy Prime Minister of Kozuc
In office
6 Febuary 2011 - 30 April 2011
Khan of Kozuc Riley Small
Prime Minister Sir Jason
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Office abolished
Deputy First Minister of Zealandia
In office
20 May 2011 - 20 September 2011
King King Anthony
First Minister Joseph Puglisi
Predecessor Bradley of Dullahan
Successor Matthew Burklandssen
President of the LDR
Assumed office
20 November 2011
Gen. Secretary Rory Krenz
Vice-President Oliver Honecker
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Incumbent
Prime Minister of Nemkhavia
Appointed to office
22 January 2012 - 17 March 2012
President Marka Mejakhansk
Predecessor Sebastian Linden
Successor Marka Mejakhansk
4th President of the Second Nemkhav Federation
Assumed office
18 March 2012
Prime Minister Marka Mejakhansk
Predecessor Marka Mejakhansk
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 1994
Birth name Alexander Ulbricht
Citizenship Nemkhavia
Nationality Lewishami
Political party Democratic Revolutionary Front
Other political
Formerly CPUSLSSR, ZWP, Theodorist Party of Austenasia
Religion Atheist
Military service
Allegiance Zealandia
Service/branch Royal Zealandian Naval Service
In service 2011
Rank Admiral

President Alex Ulbricht was one of the founding men of the Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics. He took control of the USLSSR on 9 June 2010 during an ICT lesson. At the same time he also installed Oliver Honecker as Vice-President. However Rory Krenz challenged him but was give the post of General Secretary and after that he ended his challenge. He was awarded the title of Hero of the USLSSR for his actions during the Second War for Victoria. He also held a Zealandian citizenship and was the Commander of the Zealandian Navy during his time there.

Currently he is the President of the Lewisham Democratic Republic within Nemkhavia alongside being the Prime Minister of the Nemkhav Federation.

Political Views

Ulbricht's political compass, although he disputes the accuracy of the test’s results

Ulbricht is often associated with Trotskyism, due to his outward appreciation of Leon Trotsky's works and ideas, however he has made public the claim that he is a "Non-Doctrinal Communist", he later defended his position stating that "I prefer not to get caught up in the infighting of rival takes on Marxism, I prefer to take my own line and mix together exactly what is needed by taking various elements from different schools of thought". In recent times, however, it can be argued that Ulbricht has begun to lean towards a more authoritarian set of ideas, which has been influenced largely by the style of the former East Germany as opposed to his previous views that were heavily influenced by the former President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev and his attempts at reforming the Soviet system into a more "Market Socialist" style during the late 1980s and early 1990s.


In chronological order

Awarded for actions during the June Revolution of 2010, actions during the Second War for Victoria and service to the USLSSR.

Awarded for actions during the June Revolution of 2010.

Awarded for Service during the Second War for Victoria.

Awarded for actions during theSecond War for Victoria.

  • Antarctic Expeditionary Force Service Ribbon:

Awarded for actions during theSecond War for Victoria by the WMA.

Awarded for active service and participation in the WMA.

Awarded for service during the Atlantis Civil War.

Awarded for contributions to intermicronational diplomacy.

Optiman Peerage, no reason stated.

Awarded for contributions to diplomacy with Starland.

Awarded for exceptional contributions in the interests of the micronational community.

Awarded for varying reasons, mainly friendship or affability with the Community of Landashir.

  • Lord of the Order of Saint Jude:

Awarded for getting rid of the vandalism by both MuffinMan123 and Wigwamlol and for showing concern for the welfare of Microwiki.

Awarded by the Emperor of Austenasia.