Democratic Revolutionary Front

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Democratic Revolutionary Front
Tosja Revoluti Demokrati
SUPL Rep.Alex Ulbricht
RUP Rep.Marka Mejakhansk
YWP Rep.J.J. Hakimoto
SPE Rep.Ben McKinlay
FoundedDecember 6th , 2011
IdeologyDemocratic Socialism, Titoism, Trotskyism
National affiliationnone
Official coloursRed, Gold, Blue

The Democratic Revolutionary Front, known as The Front, is a coalition of political parties in the Nemkhav Federation. It is a left-wing bloc, made up of the Socialist Unity Party of Lewisham, the Yurtyzstani Workers' Party, the Socialist Party of Eragia, and the Revolutionary Unity Party. The Front functions as a voting bloc in the Federal Assembly of Nemkhavia, representing the Lewisham Democratic Republic, the Democratic People's Republic of Yurtyzstan, Kingdom of Eragia, and the Skajackan Democratic Republic. It currently holds a simple majority in the House of Territories and is also frequently supported by the Conservative Party.