People's Republic of Eragia

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People's Republic of Eragia
Motto: We shall never fade
Anthem: Glory to Eragia
Scottish Borders
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Latin
GovernmentCommunist State
LegislaturePeople's House
Establishment2011 as the original Republic of Eragia and the Kingdom of Eragia, 2012 as the People's Republic of Eragia
• Census
CurrencyNemkhav Mark
Time zone(UTC)

The People's Republic of Eragia is a state within the Nemkhav Federation founded on the sixteenth of September 2011. It has had several incarnations including a Republic and a Monarchy.


The name Eragia was created from a Seventh Sanctum place name generator and was slightly modified by Ben McKinlay


Eragia was founded on the sixteenth of September 2011 by Ben McKinlay.

Foundation Ceremony

When Eragia was founded,the Acting-President called a ceremony, that involved the singing of the National Anthem and the Acting-President Ben McKinlay officially announcing the foundation of the Republic

Transition to Kingdom

Beginning on the 29th of October 2011, the Republic of Eragia began transitioning into a Kingdom. That day, the General Assembly gave all control of the nation to the President, Ben McKinlay. He then dissolved the Republic and founded the Kingdom. The next day, Ben was coronated King Ben, the First of His Name, by the Grace of the Gods, Lord of the Gardens High and Low, Protector of the Outlands, Lowlands, and Bedlands, King of Eragia, Defender of the Faith.


On the 15th of December 2011, the Kingdom of Eragia joined the Nemkhav Federation

Eragia Act

In June 2012, the King of Eragia became increasingly worried over low activity levels within the state. Never before had the state experienced such low activity levels, so King Ben McKinlay passed the Eragia Act, transforming Eragia into a Communist state.

Government and politics


The Premier is the Head of State and the Head of Government of the People's Republic of Eragia. He is the public face of the People's Republic and all laws must have his approval before they can be passed. The Premier is elected every six months, on the day of the Summer and Winter Solstices.

People's House

The People's House is the legislative body of the People's Republic. The People's House vote on all laws proposed within the state. The Communist Party of Eragia must always hold a minimum of 70% of the seats in the People's House, though they currently hold a full 100%.

Communist Party of Eragia

The Communist Party of Eragia is the largest and currently only political party within the People's Republic. The Communist Party run the Communist Party Electoral Committee, which must approve all political parties and all candidates wishing to stand in elections. The Communist Party is also the dominant political party within the state and are the only party allowed to field a candidate in the Premier elections.

Geography and climate

Due to the People's Republic's location within Scotland, the state experiences a large amount of geographical and climatic diversity. Although for the majority of the time the weather is cool, the state also experiences summer highs of well over 20 degrees Celsius.

Flora and Fauna

The Republic of Eragia has a wide variety of flora, with many different trees growing in the Republic, including apple and pair trees. Vegetables such as carrots as well as herbs are also grown. Several different types of birds fly through Eragia as well, including black birds and pigeons. Many visitors to the state also see the border collie, one of the rarest animals in the state.


The Republic of Eragia currently only has a small amount of industry with only one major company, the Eragian News Network, who owns most of the news shows, websites, etc, in Eragia.



Eragia has a strong sporting culture, with many days spent either indoors watching sports such as cricket, football and rugby or outside playing them.


As founders of the Intermicronational Rugby Board, the state of Eragia hosted one of the first intermicronational rugby tournaments, the 2011 Virtual Rugby World Cup. The state has also qualified for the 2012 World Cup, which is hosted in Gerenia.


Eragia's national sport is football and the national team has played a total of four Nemkhav interstate matches, all against the Empire of Quenya. The Eragian national team has a win percentage of 25%, having won only one of their five matches.

a-Pleman McKinlay

a-Pleman McKinlay, Eragian for the House of McKinlay, is the remnant of the Royal family from Eragia's days as a Kingdom. Even in the new Communist regime, a-Pleman McKinlay holds considerable power in the state. Their status as above the law is written into the state's constitution as is their power to veto any law or constitutional change.