Federal Assembly (Nemkhavia)

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Federal Assembly of Nemkhavia
Fourth Federation
Coat of arms or logo
TypeBicameral legislature
HousesHouse of Territories, House of Represetatives
Speaker of the House of TerritoriesVacant
Speaker of the House of RepresentativesVacant
Last electionN/A
Meeting place
Astor Impora (Official), Online Venues

The Federal Assembly is the legislature of the Nemkhav Federation. Vested with strong powers of legislation and oversight by the Constitution, it acts as the main decision-making body at the federal level. It is the inheritor of a long line of Nemkhav legislative organisations, tracing its roots back to the original Senate of the Imperial Republic.

Officially, the Federal Assembly is a bicameral legislature, with provisions made for two constituent houses. The House of Territories is the main representative body of the Member States of the Federation, with each national leader taking one seat. Another House, the House of Representatives, is designed to represent the general public of the Federation, with each Member State being entitled to one seat. In practice, the Assembly operates as a unicameral legislature, as the House of Representatives may only be called to session after the number of registered citizens reaches twenty.

The Federal Assembly is an essential component of the Nemkhav system of checks and balances, acting as a counterbalance to the extensive power and authority of the President of the Nemkhav Federation.


Very few decisions can be made about various aspects of the Federation without the consent of the Federal Assembly. Changes to the Federation's structure, including the introduction and dismantling of Ministries and Federal Agencies, must receive the consent of the Assembly before coming into force. The Assembly also holds the final say on whether or not a new Member State may or may not be admitted.

All decisions in the Assembly are made by a simple majority vote, with the only exception being a vote on a new Member State of the Federation which must be unanimous.

House of Territories

The House of Territories of the Nemkhav Federation, formerly the House of Republics and Provinces in the Second Federation, is the upper house of the bicameral legislature of the Nemkhav Federation. It is composed of the leader of every Member State within the Federation. The House functions as the true law-making body within the Federation. Each Member has one vote to cast, with every decision being made by a simple majority vote.

Majority control of the House of Territories has been hotly contested through the history of the Nemkhav Federation, with such control offering the most formidable source of political power outside of the Presidency of the Federation. Unlike other legislatures, majority control in the House of Territories is decided more by caucus and alliances among member states towards a particular goal, rather than through the shared ideals of a political party, etc.

House of Representatives

The lower house of the Federal Assembly, the House of Representatives, is designed to be the representative body of the general public of the Federation, counterbalancing the House of Territories. Each Member State is entitled to send one Representative, elected through universal suffrage, to the House regardless of population size.

The House of Representatives is not always in session, being constitutionally-mandated only to function after the registered number of federal citizens numbers twenty or more. Before this point, it is not seen as being required as at lower population levels the upper house functions as an acceptable organ of representation.

Parliamentary Commitees

Both houses of the Federal Assembly retain the exclusive right to set up their own parliamentary committees for their own purposes, either separately to each house or in a joint fashion. These committees could be set up for a variety of purposes, such as for the purposes of a parliamentary investigation.