Vanguard for Freedom (Nemkhavia)

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Vanguard for Freedom
ChairmanBen McKinlay
FoundedOctober 31st 2011. Refounded March 23rd, 2012
HeadquartersKingshold, Eragia
Membership (2012)3 states
Ideologyfederalism, meritocracy, progressivism, nationalism, libertarianism, secularism
Seats in House of Territories
3 / 7

The Vanguard for Freedom's Anthem is Bydlo

The Vanguard for Freedom(Also referred to as Vanguard or simply the VF) is one of the 2 political parties in the Nemkhav Federation. At members across 3 states it is one of the largest Parties in Nemkhavia. However, considering the electoral system within the Federation, controlling the single electoral votes of each State is far more important than gaining individual votes.


It can be hard to understand what exactly the Vanguard for Freedom stands for just by looking at its name. The VF stands for a few main points: Meritocracy (and to a limited extent Technocracy), Federalism, Nationalism, Direct Democracy and Libertarianism. The Vanguard for Freedom does not officially take a stance on economics, some members holding ideals from Socialism to even Capitalism.


We can not allow Society to be controlled by those who get the luck of the draw, Meritocracy is the only way to force people to earn what they want.

— Samuel Azehtyla on Meritocracy

The VF is a strong supporter of Meritocracy, as it believes that those who have contributed the most to Society deserve to rule it as a reward for their hard work. It intends to make promotions within the Nemkhav Political System based on which candidates have contributed the most to Nemkhavia and those who are the best for the job.


Nemkhavia was founded on the ideals of a limited federation, with extensive states rights. If we lose that, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

— Samuel Azehtyla on the Founding of the Federation

The VF has always been a supporter of Federalism, that is, a weaker, less intrusive, Federation and stronger state governments. The VF always is in support of States deciding on all issues that don't effect the entire Federation. It also upholds that states may have any type of government they wish, may it be Authoritarian or Libertarian, Communist or Capitalist. One campaign promise made by Sam Azehtyla was that if elected, he would not pass any legislation that infringes on States Rights, unless the House of Territories votes unanimously.


Nemkhavia’s cultural identity is to be protected from interference and [...] guarding and advancing the Nemkhav cause is of the essence. [...] The first and foremost allegiance of all Nemkhavs should be to Nemkhavia, not their individual territories.

— VF on Culture

While federalist, the VF is in favour of a strong Nemkhav cultural identity and feeling of unity, and supports the integration of Nemkhav culture and its various aspects with the individual territories as well as the organisation of and participation in All-Nemkhav cultural events and rituals. It further opposes the notion of merging Nemkhavia with or into another nation.

Libertarianism and Direct Democracy

We must hold that the Social and Political rights and freedoms of our citizens are of Paramount Importance.

— VF on Social and Political Rights

It shall be the goal of this party to bestow as much liberty and individuality upon the individual entities within the Federation as possible.

— Sebastian Linden

The VF is a strong proponent of civil and political rights on a federal scale, while vowing not to interfere with the local governments in this regard, allowing them to be as authoritarian as they see fit, thus promoting their political and cultural individuality. It intends to uphold the ideal that any Nemkhav citizen may run for election in the Federation, and also that any citizen may petition the government to discuss and/or deliberate issues important to them. It intends to introduce harsh punishments for those who hinder any citizen from exercising these rights. It also holds that the notion of "copyright" is a inherently stupid idea, based on the fact that a persons chance good idea actually contributes to society. The Vanguard also supports the right of ordinary citizens to participate in Democracy, as seen implemented within Vians own Direct Democracy.


The VF elected two Members to the Nemkhav House of Territories in 2011, (Samuel Azehtyla and Sebastian Linden) who were elected indirectly or, in the case of the Kingdom of Pristinia. Since the Vianese Political System requires the Caesar to be elected by the Senate for life and the Senators are elected, the Caesar serves as representative. This holds the characteristic of a monarchy though, as the Caesar holds the position for life. Azehtyla stood for the Presidency in the November 2011 Nemkhav Presidential Elections where he entered into a federalist electoral alliance with Sebastian Linden, another candidate, which entails that the votes of whichever of the two candidates gains less votes are transferred to the other after the election, increasing the chance that either of them is elected. Later on October 31 2011 the Samhain Concord was signed and the Vanguard Movement and the Libertarian Federalist Patriots' Party merged into the Vanguard for Freedom, with Sebastian Linden and Samuel Azehtyla serving as Co-Chairmen. Sebastian dropped out of the election and announced his support for Mr. Azehtyla, who later won the election with 6 of the 10 electoral votes.

The VF was active in local vianese politics as well, half of those who held Senate seats were affiliated with the Party, and the Caesar himself was as well. All of these officers were elected o the day the Statutes of Vianese Law were passed. So far, with few acts passed, it is yet to be seen what an influence the VF will have on vianese politics, however it is presumed to play smaller role than on the Federal Scale as party politics arent very common within Vian.

The VF was decently active in norovian elections as well, three of its five members were registered to that Party Branch. The VF never announced if it would field a candidate in the Norovian Presidential Elections, however Chancellor Nikolaj I had expressed delight at the thought of a member of the VF being elected. Unlike in Vian, Party Politics run rampant in Norovia, by constitutional law you cant even be elected without being a member of a Party with atleast 3 members.

After the leave of Samuel Azehtyla and Sebastian Linden from the Federation,the VF went inactive before the March, 2012 Nemkhav elections, which saw the Union of Nemkhav Communists(UNC) win 4 out of 6 seats and win the positions of Prime Minister and President unopposed. After the elections, Ben McKinlay discussed with Joshua Everson via skype about refounding the VF. After some deliberation, Ben McKinlay refounded the party along with Joshua Everson and Cian Ridley. The Party's structure and Manifesto have yet to be released.


The Movement has one major affiliate, the Sovereign Order of the Open Book. Since its beggining it has been a supporter of Meritocracy, and in October 2011 its General Secretary became a member of the SOOB. After a quick motion passed days later thay became an affiliate of the VM, by succession an affiliate of the VF. In November, the VFs chairmen became co-Grand Masters of the SOOB.

Party Organisation

The Vanguard itself is divided between regional cells (known as Vanguards) within the Kingdom of Eragia, Montosh and Quenya.

  • Vanguard of Eragia
  • Vanguard of Montosh also known as the National Party
  • Vanguard of Quenya

While each cell has considerable autonomy within the area they operate, they all report to the central Vanguard and must obey the higher echelons of this central party. No cell is above any other.

Name Party Office National Office Home State Notes
Ben McKinlay Chairman Eragia Refounder of the VF and current chairman.
Joshua Everson Member Montosh Refounded the VF with Ben McKinlay and Cian Ridley.
Cian Ridley Member Quenya Refounded the VF with Ben McKinlay and Joshua Everson.