Prime Minister of the Nemkhav Federation

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Prime Minister of the Nemkhav Federation
Office Currently Vacant

Formation 20 July 2011 (As Prime Minister)
Term length Alongside President
Appointed by President
Inaugural holder Isabela Mello

The Prime Minister of the Nemkhav Federation is the leader of the Council of Ministers of the Nemkhav Federation. The Prime Minster recommends potential ministers to the President, acts as a political advisor to the President, represents the President when the President is not present and takes over for the President if they are unable to carry out their duties. The position is appointed by the President.


The federal office of Prime Minister traces its history back to the original Premier of the Imperial Republic and the first Nemkhav Federation.

The first Prime Minister of the Second Federation, Isabela Mello, was appointed to the position by President Marka Mejakhansk. When the second President, Samuel Azehtyla, came into office he replaced the position with the position of Vice President and appointed Sebastian Linden, however after Linden's departure from Nemkhavia the role was made vacant until Samuel Azehtyla made Marka Mejakhansk Vice-President, however after Azehtyla's departure from Nemkhavia, and Mejakhansk's subsequent promotion to the Presidency, Alex Ulbricht was appointed to the role as Prime Minister after the Nemkhav constitution brought about a return to the role’s original title.

Upon the foundation of the Third Federation, the office was maintained in the new constitution. It remains vacant currently.

Eligibility & Appointment

The office of Prime Minister is open to any citizen of the Federation, but generally the President will appoint a member of the either house of the Federal Assembly to the role.

The appointment, like all ministries, can be reversed by the House of Territories but this power has never been used. Once appointed, the Prime Minister serves until the end of the President’s current term of office. The President may also dismiss the Prime Minister at any time of their choosing.


The Prime Minister is head of the Council of Ministers and oversees their day-to-day affairs, as well as acting as the President’s chief advisor. They may also hold other ministerial positions concurrently.

Constitutionally, the Prime Minister is second-in-charge of the Federation and assumes all presidential powers should the President be unable to carry out their duties. This power remains with the Prime Minster until the President resumes their duties or until a new President is elected.

List of Prime Ministers of the Second Nemkhav Federation

Term No. Image Name Political Party Term start Term end
Isabella Mello
Isabella Mello
Isabela Mello Conservative Party July 20, 2011
as Prime Minister
November 21, 2011
Term length was not defined up until this point
Sebastian Linden
Sebastian Linden
Sebastian Linden Vanguard for Freedom November 21, 2011
as Vice-President
December 17, 2011
Revoked Citizenship
Marka Mejakhansk
Marka Mejakhansk
Marka Mejakhansk Democratic Revolutionary Front December 17, 2011
as Vice-President
January 16, 2012
Took office as President after office was vacated
Alex Ulbricht
Alex Ulbricht
Alex Ulbricht Democratic Revolutionary Front January 22, 2012
as Prime Minister
March 17, 2012
End of term
Marka Mejakhansk
Marka Mejakhansk
Marka Mejakhansk Union of Nemkhav Communists March 17, 2012
November 11, 2012 Elevated to President