Political parties in Yurtyzstan

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The Democratic People's Republic of Yurtyzstan was established as a single-party state, with the Yurtyzstani Workers' Party dominating all politics. However, the December 3, 2011 elections were declared open to any party which wished to participate, with the exception of the People's Reactionary Party. Since then, the Yurtyzstani government has allowed several political parties to operate and participate in elections and government.

Workers for a Socialist Yurtyzstan

Workers for a Socialist Yurtyzstan, formerly the Yurtyzstani Workers' Party, is a moderate socialist party in Yurtyzstan. It was formed shortly after Yurtyzstan's declaration of independence by J.J. Hakimoto.

Historically, the Yurtyzstani Workers' Party held total power over Yurtyzstani politics and society, with J.J. Hakimoto using his position as Chairman of the Central Committee to rule with impunity. However, following democratic reforms in late 2011 and early 2012, the renamed Workers for a Socialist Yurtyzstan became more moderate and now has much less of a vice grip on power.

The party's central decision-making body is the Central Committee, which meets occasionally in high-profile conventions, at which Six-Month Plans are drafted. The Secretary General is J.J. Hakimoto. The Vice Secretary General was Felix Yurtzhinsky until his defection on June 13, 2011; since then, this office has been held by Oon Em Pyo Iid.

Social Democratic Party

The Social Democratic Party was formed on November 12, 2011 by Yurt Ma Shin following the announcement that the December 3, 2011 elections would be multi-party. Its platform of moderacy and freedom of thought resonated with many Yurtyzstanis; however, it failed to win a seat on the Presidium, instead participating in the Supreme People's Assembly.

It was dissolved into the Yurtyzstani Workers' Party on January 4, 2012.

Impoverished Yurtyzstanis' Front

The Impoverished Yurtyzstanis' Front is a capitalist party formed by Po Er Kwa Deul prior to the December 3, 2011 elections. It is relatively unpopular due to its firm anti-socialist beliefs, and holds only one seat in the Supreme People's Assembly. It is currently the only alternative party allowed to participate in government in Yurtyzstan.