Union of Nemkhav Aligned States

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Union of Nemkhav Alligned States
Flag to be decided

green = the Federation, blue = member-states of the Union

Headquarters Astor Impora

Official language English

  • Nemkhav Federation
  • Kozuc
  • Proluni

Secretary-General Marka Mejakhansk

– Foundation 20 December 2011

Population 161

Currency Nemkhav Mark

The Union of Nemkhav Aligned States, normally referred to as the Union, is an union of micronations that follow Nemkhav policy but are not members of the Federation itself.


In 2011, during a Skype conversation on the Micropolitan Lounge between Kozuc's Chairman Riley Small, Nemkhavia's Minister for Foreign Affairs Marka Mejakhansk and Nemkhavia's Minister for Economics Lucas Campos, Small showed interest in joining the Nemkhav Federation, but he was afraid of losing Kozuc's independence, a main prolbem faced by many when joining the Federation, he suggested a "Nemkhav Commonwealth". Marka and Campos started discussing the idea of having a "Nemkhav Commonwealth" and if it would work or not. Many other Nemkhavs showed interested in developing such Commonwealth, and on December 18, 2011, Marka Mejakhansk proposed a bill in the Nemkhav House of Territories to establish the Union of Nemkhav Alligned States, an union of micronations that follow Nemkhav Policy but are not members of the Federation. The Union provides an opportunity for micronations to get to know the Federation before joining as well as facilitating close cooperation with the Nemkhav Federal Government.


The Union's objectives are:

  • Promote Nemkhavia's Policies
  • Assist member-states with diplomatic issues
  • Promote a healthy environment for nations to develop
  • Promote economic and cultural development among members


Head of the Union

The Union is headed by the Secretary-General, a position which is held simultaneously with the office of President of the Nemkhav Federation.

Congress of the Union

The Congress of the Union is the advistory body of the Union. It is as defined by the founding law:

  • The nations of the Union shall be represented by the Congress of the Union.
  • This Congress is not a legislative body and shall have no legislative powers over any of the member-states.
  • It is purely representative

The Congress of the Union is an advisory board, and it is lead by the Secretary-General of the Union


Membership criteria

The criteria for membership of the Union of Nemkhav Alligned States is as defined by the founding document:

The application process shall be thus:

  • The nation in question must agree to follow the Policy of Peaceful Existence and then the application must be accepted by the Secretary-General on the advice of the Nemkhav Federation Government and the Congress of the Union



Termination of membership

As membership is purely voluntary, member governments can choose at any time to leave the union.

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