Socialist Unity Party of Lewisham

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Socialist Unity Party of Lewisham
PresidentAlex Ulbricht
Party ChairmanMatt Co
FoundedNovember 20th , 2011
HeadquartersLDR, Nemkhavia
NewspaperUSLSSR Public Media
IdeologyDemocratic Socialism, Marxism-Leninism, Trotskyism
National affiliationnone
ColoursRed, Gold, Blue

Successor of the CPUSLSSR

The Socialist Unity Party of Lewisham (German: Sozialistische Einheitspartei Ludwigsheim) is a political party in the Nemkhav Federation which is considered to be on the far-left on the political spectrum. It currently controls the local government of the Lewisham Democratic Republic, where the party is based and run from, via the People's Chamber where it holds the majority of the seats. It was unable to run in the 2011 Presidential elections, during its time as the SUP Nemkhavia, as it was not created in enough time to submit a candidate. However in Federation politics the SUPL now is part of the Democratic Revolutionary Front, which is a bloc of left wing parties in Nemkhavia but it still rules the LDR independently of the DRF.

Political Stance

Although officially sitting within the Marxist-Leninist part of the political spectrum (but favouring Trotsky's views on internationalism therefore encouraging international solidarity between workers) the party openly welcomes all variations of Socialism into its membership.


As previously stated the Party's official ideology is Marxism-Leninism but it is heavily adapted to fit within the context of a micronation.

  • Pro-Federalism, as all of the Republics and Monarchies are different within Nemkhavia it would be a crime to lose our individuality but we must remember that we are bound by common goals at the same time
  • Meritocracy, nothing should be given to those who do nothing, reward and positions in government come via hard work and effort not through privilege or history
  • Glasnost or openness, the party would like to see, as we currently have, open and free elections on a Federation wide basis but allowing states the right to run internal policy as they see fit
  • Anti-Military, official policy of the Federation should be to have a Federal police force in the place of a military, and only call upon a military force if the Federation is attacked directly
  • Pro-Secularism, it is believed that religion has no place within the Government and that, although religious morals have an effect on some people, it shouldn't be forced upon all peoples through national legislation
  • The Party condones the nationalisation of any industry within Nemkhavia