Languages of Nemkhavia

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The Nemkhav Federation has a complicated, tiered language administration system, which can be summarised to entail ten official languages. These languages are English, Nemkhav, German, Irish, Portuguese, Basque (Euskera), Vianese, West Germanic, Ripuarian and French.

Languages in the Nemkhav Federation Government

The Nemkhav Federation Government uses English for its proceedings. Many texts are translated into the other languages, primarily German, to accommodate non-English-speaking parts of the population as mainly found in th ex-state of Pristinia. However, the Government is obligated to respond in kind to correspondence written in one of its official languages, i.e. if one were to write to the Nemkhav Federation Government in Portuguese, the correspondence would be replied to in Portuguese. Correspondence in other, non-official languages, like Spanish or Francilish, will in most cases be responded to in English; however, if no translators are available, will not be responded to at all.

Ceremonially, the Nemkhav Federation Government uses the Nemkhav language. Seals and other insignia that are inscribed are often rendered in Nemkhav, and titles and names are often given in both English and Nemkhav.

Languages at a local level


English is spoken in all territories of Nemkhavia, either as a majority or minority mother tongue or a majority or minority second language.


German is spoken in five out of the eight territories of Nemkhavia. In the Central Nemkhav Republic and Cooley and Novomir Provinces it is spoken as a second language by a marginal part of the population. In Pristinia and Greater Monseyside, it is spoken by 90% of the population as a mother tongue, and by 10% as a second language.


The Nemkhav language, while used mainly in the Central Nemkhav Republic as well as Cooley and Novomir Provinces, sometimes finds use in the other territories as a ceremonial gesture and/or item of Nemkhav cultural identity. While most territories have their own cultures, Nemkhav culture is still widely celebrated in all territories and as such the Nemkhav language is a subject of Nemkhav pride and patriotism.


Irish is spoken in the Central Nemkhav Republic and Cooley and Novomir Provinces by 100% of the population as a second language. Most of the history of the Nemkhav people, and a considerable amount of Nemkhav mythology, is interwoven with that of Ireland, and Irish culture is to an extent very much part of Nemkhav culture.


French is spoken in the District of Renu in the Grand Duchy of Koss as first language. It is also spoken in the former Crimsonian territories of Yurtyzstan. It is also spoken along with English in Montosh, most citizens being bilingual.


Yurtmya is a Burmese-derived language spoken heavily in Yurtpyitaw and that region of Yurtyzstan.


Chosonyurt is a Korean-derived language spoken in the majority of Yurtyzstan.