Nemkhav People's Party

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Nemkhav People's Party
Páirtí Pobal Nemcabh
Parti Poblac Nemcavh
Peace, Socialism and Justice
General Secretary Sir Marka Mejakhansk, KOC
Chairman Stefan Anjacka
Ideology Socialism
Intermicronational Affiliation None

The Nemkhav People's Party is the ruling party of the Republic of Nemkhavia. It is fre and democratic party, with an ethos that supports the rule of the people, which currently has no affiliation with any intermicronational organisation. The current General Secretary is Sir Marka Mejakhansk.


The NPP has been the guiding light of the Nemkhav people throughout their long search for a homeland. It's members made up the majority of the Nemkhav Council of Settlement, the quasi-governmental organistion that spoke for Nemkhavs. When the Republic was founded on July 31, 2009, the NPP became the ruling party by the will of the people.

The NPP was replaced by various parties until the 13th of March 2010, when it was revived by it's older members to lead the reconstituted Republic of Nemkhavia.