Stefan Anjacka

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Stephen Anjacka

Stefan Anjacka
Flag of the SFR Nemkhavia
Member of the Collective Presidency of the SFR Nemkhavia
Elected office
11 June 2010
Members of the Presidency Mark Meehan, Ben Pzacman
President of the Socialist Republic of Urkhavsk
Elected office
11 June 2010
Party League of Communists of Nemkhavia
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born classified
Dublin, Ireland
Birth name classified
Citizenship Nemkhav
Nationality Irish
Ethnicity Irish
Political party League of Communists of Nemkhavia
Residence Davor Insja, Urkhavsk
Religion Catholic

Stefan Anjacka, real name classified, is a Nemkhav politician. He is the current Chairman of the Nemkhav People's Party and Speaker of the House of Deputies of the Republic of Nemkhavia. When the Nemkhav nation was founded on July 31, 2009, Anjacka was the Assistant Chairman of the Nemkhav People's Party, then the ruling force in the nation. He has been a supporter of Mark Meehan since the nation's founding.

He is well known as being one of Meehan's right hand men, having been at the former's side for his entire political career in one capacity or another. Even when the nation changed into a Monarchy Anjacka still supported him, although having a Monarchy was not what he would have wished.

In his capacity as Prime Minister, Anjacka was pushed for a change in various areas of legislation which were carried over from the Nemkhav Federation. Most notably, he openly supported increased spending on agricultural projects and a move towards a permanent Army.

He was a member of the Central Committee and Politburo of the LCN.

When the Union with Pristinia occurred, Comrade Anjacka remained in politics. He was the Chancellor of the SUNP and member of the People's Assembly.

When the Republic of Nemkhavia was formed in 2010, Anajacka was offered the position of Speaker of the House of Deputies, and gladly took it. This gave him the right to use the prefix "The Honourable"

Upon the foundation of the SFR Nemkhavia, he was elected President of the Socialist Republic of Urkhavsk.