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Benjamin Pzacman

of the Republic of Bosja

1st Member of the Presidency of the SFR Nemkhavia
4 September 2009
Rank Colonel
Civil Position Minister for Defence and Justice
1st [[SFR Nemkhavia|President of the Socialist Republic of Bosja
In office
14 December 2009 - 31 January 2010
President Mark Meehan
Preceded by Office Created
1st Secretary for Party Security
14 December 2009 - 31 January 2010
Party League of Communists of Nemkhavia
Preceded by Office Created
Member of the Federal Assembly for Nemkhav-Skajacka North
14 December 2009 - 31 January 2010
Preceded by Office Created
1st Federal Minister of Defence of the Nemkhav Federation
Assumed office
28 August - 28 November 2009
Preceded by Mark Meehan
Personal information
Born Classified
Nationality Nemkhav
Offical Nationality Irish
Political Party Nemkhav People's Party
Residence Astor Impora, Bosja Province
Religion Christian

Comrade Colonel (Ret) Benjamin Pzacman, real name classified, is a Nemkhav Communist politician and Army officer. He is currently the Secretary of Party Security of the League of Communists of Nemkhavia, and the holder of the analogous position within the Socialist Federal Republic of Nemkhavia, Minister for Defence and Justice. He first rose to prominence after the declaration of the Nemkhav Federation, and served the people as Federal Minister of Defence. He has considerable military experience, which he gained as a soldier within the Nemkhav Defence Forces, he was assigned to the post of Officer Commanding Citizen Army. During Operation Lantern, he personally led the 5th Infantry Company, 1st Brigade' Nemkhav Citizen Army. The part-time nature of the army allowed him to retain the most of Minister of Defence when not on call.

Comrade Pzacman has been among the most ardent supporters of Mark Meehan, often being at his side to advise him on military and security matters. He fully supported the latter's election to the post of General-Secretary of the LCN and President of the SFR. He was a member of the Central Committee and Politburo of the LCN.

He is a very forceful politician, with very little fear when it comes to both political debates and military action. Sometimes this headstrong nature can seemingly get the better of him, but he is always loyal.