Nemkhav Defense Forces

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Nemkhav Defence Forces
Defenders of the People

Flag of the Socialist Federal Republic of Nemkhavia
Active 2009–present
Country Socialist Federal Republic of Nemkhavia
Role Land force
Size 20
Motto Defenders of the People
Anniversaries 12 August 2009
Engagements None
General of the Army Sir Marka Mejakhansk
Lt.Gen. Boris Khuniska, Brig.Gen. Joshua Anikja

The Nemkhav Defence Forces is the military organisation of the Socialist Federal Republic of Nemkhavia, responsible for the defence of the Republic when all diplomatic efforts have ceased to be effective. It is a force made up of ordinary Nemkhav citizens, who answer the call to arms. It is not a standing army, meaning that it is only called upon when the situation is deemed to be appropriate by the Government (The Border Service is a small exception to this). Such a call up must be agreed to by the Presidium and Houses of Parliament. The Defence Forces are the only exception to the Nemkhav ideal of 'Peaceful existence'.

There are two branches of the Defence Forces:

  • Nemkhav Citizen Army
  • Nemkhav Border Service


The mission of the Nemkhav Defence Forces as defined in the Constitution:

Logo of the NDF

"To defend the Republic from outside aggression, should all diplomatic solutions fail, and to intervene in situations of dire peril, should the Federation be called for help by an ally or friendly party" This means that the role of the Defence Forces must be purely a defensive one. Active aggression against other states is completely against the ethos of the Republic, and the Constitution. It should be noted that this role can apply to peacekeeping missions, should an ally or friendly nation call for help.

Shoulder Patch

Command Structure

Due to the irregular nature of the NDF, the command structure is essentially dormant much of the time. In a situation of peace, the military is 'stood down' and thus needs no command structure. However, when a situation of emergency is declared by the Government, the NDF command structure is activated.

Chief of Staff of the Nemkhav Defence Forces

The Chief of Staff is the highest commissioned officer of the NDF, holding command over all the different parts of the forces. The Chief of Staff is responsible for overseeing the actions of the Defence Forces when they are needed. The current Chief of Staff is General of the Army Marka Mejakhansk.

Officer Commanding Citizen Army

This is the highest commissioned position within the Nemkhav Citizen Army. He/she is the overall commander of the Army, responsible to the Government. He/she is a member of the General Staff. The current OCCA is Lieutenant General Boris Khuniska.

Officer Commanding Border Service

The Officer Commanding Border Service is the highest commissioned position within the Nemkhav Border Service. He/she is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the Border Service, overseeing the automated border surveillance systems in peacetime and directing the NBS personnel in times of emergency. He/she is a member of the General Staff. The current OCBS is Brigadier General Joshua Anikja

Nemkhav Citizen Army

The Nemkhav Citizen Army is the main land defensive force of the SFR. Under the command of the Officer Commanding Citizen Army, it is called up in times of emergency to defend the borders and the people of the nation. It is a modern force, equipped to the best of the SFR's ability with up to date equipment. In times of war, the Army is based either in Astor Impora or a forward command base, depending on the situation.


When the call to arms has been approved, the NCA is organised in a Brigade Structure. An NCA Brigade is an entirely self sufficient unit, containing all the necessary specialist personnel and equipment needed to conduct operations. Currently, the NCA is one Brigade strong

1st Brigade, Nemkhav Citizen Army (Astor Impora)

  • 5th Infantry Company - "The Big 5"
  • 1st Cavalry Troop "Warhorses"
  • 6th Field Artillery Battery - "Sledgehammers"
  • 3rd Communications and Information Services Company (Signals/CIS) - "Windtalkers"
  • 2nd Field Combat Engineer Company
  • 4th Logistics Company "Wagon Train"
  • 8th Medical Services Company (MedServ) - "Hawkeye's Finest"

Ranks of the NCA

  • Commissioned Ranks
    • Lieutenant General
    • Major General
    • Colonel
    • Lieutenant Colonel
    • Major
    • Captain
    • Lieutenant
    • Junior Lieutenant
  • Enlisted Ranks
    • Sergeant Major
    • Company Sergeant
    • Company Quartermaster Sergeant
    • Sergeant
    • Corporal
    • Private/Trooper/Gunner/Signalman/Signalwoman/Medic

Nemkhav Border Service

The Nemkhav Border Service is the second defensive force of the Republic. It is in charge of preserving the security of the nation's borders. It is a mixture of automatic systems and well trained personnel. In peacetime, the borders are maintained by electronic systems, including cameras and heat sensors. In times of emergency, personnel are called up to don the uniform of the NBS to forcefully secure the borders. It is based in Astor Impora, with an automated presence in the SP Cooley.


In times of peace, the NBS operates with a basic structure. The various automated systems are routed back to a secure facility located somewhere in Nemkhav-Skajacka. The Mountain Territory systems operate via a long range communications system. When the NBS is activated in a time of emergency, it is organised in a similar structure to the NCA, but with independent companies as opposed to a Brigade.

  • Automated Security Net (Home Province)
    • Greater Nemkhavia Security Net
    • Cooley Province Security Net
  • 9th Ranger Company
  • 10th Ranger Company

Ranks of the NBS

  • Commissioned Ranks
    • Brigadier General (OCBS)
    • Commandant
    • Captain
    • Lieuenant
    • Junior Lieutenant
  • Enlisted Ranks
    • Sergeant Major
    • Company Sergeant
    • Company Quartermaster Sergeant
    • Sergeant
    • Corporal
    • Ranger


The uniform of the Nemkhav Defence Forces consists of a military green pullover bearing appropriate rank markings, black cargo trousers, black boots, black t-shirt and weather appropriate head-dress. Rank is worn on the shoulders, with medals and badges being worn on the left breast. There is a formal uniform, which is seldom used, which consists of black trousers, polished black shoes, a white shirt and a navy blazer bearing rank on the lapels. The latter is only rarely used, however.