Operation Lantern

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Operation Lantern
Part of the Grand Defence Initiative
Date: October 14 - November 1, 2009
Place: Central Nemkhav Republic, former Nemkhav Federation
Result: No attacks, Nemkhavia successfully defended
Imperial Republic Flag Wiki.png Nemkhav Federation Unknown local forces
Imperial Republic Flag Wiki.png Premier Mark Meehan
Imperial Republic Flag Wiki.png Colonel Benjamin Pzacman
Imperial Republic Flag Wiki.png 1st Brigade, Nemkhav Citizen Army
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'Operation Lantern' is the name given to the plan by the Nemkhav Defence Forces to defend the nation during the time of Halloween. A brigade-strength force of the Nemkhav Citizen Army has been called up to defend the nation in the event of any incursion by outside forces. In a speech to the Government, Premier Mark Meehan insisted that it was in the "full interests of national security" for the operation to be carried out.

The decision to announce the operation publicly and keep the public eye on it was taken in the interests of preserving the Federation's ethos of open-ness with the people.


In early October 2009, members of the Public working in Astor Patrograd brought their concerns regarding their safety to the local party headquarters of the NPP. During Halloween, the area in which the Central Nemkhav Republic and the New Lordaeron Autonomous Province are situtated can be subject to anti-social behaviour. It is rare, but it has been documented to occur. Thus, these concerns were immediately forwarded to the Office of the Premier.

The Premier drew up a plan for the defence of the Federation, simply a precaution against any unforseen circumstances. On October 12, 2009, the Government agreed to this plan, and activated the Defence Forces, with Meehan as it's Commander-in-Chief.

The Operation

The Operation is mandated for the 12th of October to the 1st of November 2009, and after that date the Defence forces must be stood down. At that point, Meehan will relinquish control. The bulk of the operation will take place in the Central Nemkhav Republic, as it borders the area of the Republic of Ireland most likely to be of concern. The capital of the CNR, Astor Patrograd, will serve as the forward command post of the Defence Forces for the duration of the Operation. The 1st Brigade of the Nemkhav Citizen Army will be carrying out the bulk of the defence, with the National Police and the Border Service adding to the greater operation. D-Day for the operation is October 31.

D-Day Minus 17 (October 14th)

1st Brigade arrives in the Central Nemkhav Republic. Operation Forward Command Post is set up in Astor Patrograd. War Room is set up in the Old Palace, Astor Impora. 1st Company is sent to the border to evaluate possible defence construction.

D-Day Minus 16 (October 15th)

9th Ranger Company, Nemkhav Border Service sets up a patrol base at the border. 1st Cavalry Company returns to Astor Patrograd. National Police conduct public evacuation drills in the city at 1pm. As of 10:28pm, NBS reports no activity on the border.

D-Day Minus 15 (October 16th)

1st Cavalry Company carries out a border patrol, with no activity sighted. 9th Rangers set up elevated watch tower, and report no findings as of 6:24pm. Automated Security Net reports no activity in the Cooley Republic

D-Day Minus 14 (October 17th)

9th Rangers report fireworks activity near the border at 7:16pm.

D-Day Minus 13 (October 18th)

9th Rangers report further fireworks activity near the border. 1st Cavalry is put on alert, but stood down as of 11:45pm. National Police conduct further drills, most notably in the Astor Patrograd Machine Works.

D-Day Minus 12 (October 19th)

1st Cavalry Company returns to the border on patrol. Premier Mark Meehan visits the command post in Astor Patrograd, then joins the Cavalry Patrol. 9th Rangers report possible contact at 8:16pm. Cavalry put on alert. As of 11:10pm, no activity reported.

D-Day Minus 11 (October 20th)

Minister for Construction and Public Works visits Astor Patrograd to asses the defence preparations. National Police demonstrates it's evactuation plans.

D-Day Minus 10 (October 21st)

10th Rangers deployed to western border of CNR as precaution. Automated Security net reports no activity in Cooley Republic. No activity as of 4:15pm.

D-Day Minus 9 (October 22nd)

10th Rangers report activity near the Astor Impora Autoport, 1st Platoon sent to investigate. 9th Rangers report heavy fireworks activity near the border, 1st Cavalry Company put on alert. Cooley Republic Security Net reports no activity. Borders of the Eastvale Department (Slinky Empyre) are patrolled by 5th Infantry Company.

D-Day Minus 8 (October 23rd)

Premier visits the forward command post, encouraging the citizens of Astor Patrograd to 'be brave in the face of what challenges may come'.

D-Day Minus 7 (October 24th)

9th Medical Services Company sets up a MASH unit outside Astor Patrograd. Governor of the NLAP, General (ret.) Meehan gives his tactical expertise to the NDF at a meeting in the Old Palace. 5th Infantry continue patrols.

D-Day Minus 6 (October 25th)

Astor Impora Autoport is the scene of an illegal dumping of rubbish by a local from across the border, President leads clean-up operation. 10th Rangers assist during patrol of the facility.

D-Day Minus 5 (October 26th)

1st Company engages in training exercises outside Astor Patrograd. Premier Meehan addresses the troops on Rolams Plain in the Central Nemkhav Republic. He urges them to 'give everything they have, and be vigilent at all times'. Combat Engineers begin work fortifying the East Wall border defence network. Volunteer Engineers are brought from Astor Patrograd to help with the operation. As of 9.30pm, 56% complete.

D-Day Minus 4 (October 27th)

Engineers finish projects at the border, the Wall is fortified. Volunteer Mercenaries from the Republic of Ireland carry out operations in the CNR alongside the Defence Forces.

D-Day Minus 3 (October 28th)

Training intenisfies, 1st Company establishes positions at the Wall. Astor Patrograd Civil Defence Corps prepare the city for an influx of people from the CNR. Cooley Republic defence net reports no activity.

D-Day Minus 2 (October 29th)

Volunteer Mercenaries continue training with the NDF on Rolams Plain. 1st Cavalry Company 'digs in' while 9th Rangers withdraw to positions in Astor Patrograd. 10th Rangers go on alert and establish defensive positions around the Astor Impora Autoport.

D-Day Minus 1 (October 30th)

6th Field Artillery Battery sets up positions in the CNR close to the border with the Eastvale Department. Rolam's plain sees heavy traffic as Astor Patrograd is evacuated. As of 11:00pm, all preparations are complete.

D-Day (October 31st)

0830 Hours 1st Cavalry Company reports no sighting of suspect forces. All is quiet.

1000 Hours 9th Rangers sight foreign forces transporting materials for bonfires. No immediate threat

1300 Hours Premier Meehan and General(ret.) Meehan discuss strategy in the War Room at the Old Palace. Leader of the Volunteer Mercenaries communicates with the Old Palace from his position one mile into the Republic of Ireland.

1800 Hours Premier Meehan calls a meeting of the Senate, which last until 1900 Hours.

1930 Hours Rangers report heavy fireworks activity near both borders. 1st Cavalry sights possible hostile forces, but no contact is made. Scout Mercenaries report no hostile activity within a short distance of the Federation. Cooley Republic reports no activity.

2030 Hours General(ret.) Meehan is placed in command of the Defence Forces and the Federation as Premier Meehan and the President join a motorcade bringing the Grand Matriarch to her place of residence. Motorcade returns at 21:30 Hours.

2300 Hours Heavy fireworks activity near the CNR causes alarm, but no contact is made.

D-Day Plus One (November 1st)

9th and 10th Rangers conduct a patrol around the borders of the CNR, they find that all is well. 1st Cavalry withdraw to Rolam's Plain, where the NDF is officially stood down by the Premier and the President. Operation is hailed as a success. As of 2:00pm, people begin returning to Astor Patrograd.