Central Nemkhav Republic

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Central Nemkhav Republic

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Democracy, Brotherhood, Peace
Both Cantons of the CNR are located in the highlighted area
Capital cityAstor Impora
Official language(s)English, Nemkhav, Irish
Official religion(s)None official, Catholicism common
- ChancellorMarka Mejakhansk
LegislatureLocal Assembly
EstablishedJuly 31st 2009 (as Astor Impora)
CurrencyNemkhav Mark
Time zoneUTC
National drinkPilsner
National animalBear

The Central Nemkhav Republic, (Irish: "Pobhlac Lárnach Nemcabh", Nemkhav: "Poblac Larja Nemkhavija"), known locally as the "CNR", is a micronation located on the Island of Ireland. It is a State of the Nemkhav Federation. The Republic is the original home of the Nemkhav nation, its capital Astor Impora being the site of the official declaration of nationhood in 2009.

The CNR claims direct lineage back through the various incarnations of Nemkhavia through the years. While the name Nemkhavia would go on to refer to a larger Nemkhav Federation, a multi-national federation of many nations, the Central Nemkhav Republic remains within the larger structure to continue the unique Nemkhav cultural identity.

The capital city of the Republic, Astor Impora, also functions as the capital city of the larger Nemkhav Federation. This, combined with the CNR's unparalleled position in Nemkhav history, has afforded the nation a unique position of importance.


When the original Nemkhav Federation was founded in 2009, what is now the CNR was created from the old Home Province of the Imperial Republic. When the Federation was transformed into the various incarnations that would follow, the CNR thrived in its own right under various names. When the Second Nemkhav Federation was founded in 2011, the CNR was brought back to life and re-instated as the home Republic of the Nemkhav people.

Known as the Republic of Novomir for the duration of most of the Second Federation's life, the Central Nemkhav Republic name was re-instated upon the establishment of the Third Nemkhav Federation on the 21st of February, 2016.


The Central Nemkhav Republic territory is made up of two areas of land, both alike in terms of climate but notably different in terms of geographical makeup. The main claim, known in Nemkhav as "Skajacka", or "Homeland", is made up of mostly urban areas with small, maintained green spaces and parks. The main green area is located to the east of the capital city, Astor Impora, and runs to the eastern border. This area is mostly composed of grassland as well as isolated pockets of trees. At the eastern border, there was a notable tree which is the tallest in the Republic, at an estimated 70 feet high, which has since been felled for safety reasons. The western side of the capital city has manicured grassland which is maintained as a symbol of the Republic.

The second main area of the Republic's territory, named "Coldwater", is far to the north of Skajacka. This area is made up almost exclusively of wild grassland and forest. The Coldwater River, for which the area is named, crosses the territory's northern border before returning to the adjacent nation. The forest to the east is almost entirely impassable for most of the year, usually only being ventured into by specially equipped teams. Near the river there is the only major settlement in the area, named Coldwater Station, which is uninhabited for most of the year.

Administrative Divisions

The Republic is divided politically into two sections, termed "Cantons". This is the case in order to facilitate the best running of what are very different areas in terms of political, social and economic needs.

Skajacka Canton

The first of the two claims held by the Republic is named "Skajacka" Canton. In the native language of Nemkhavia, "Skajacka" refers to the term "Homeland". Skajacka is by far the more economically and politically developed of the two areas, being home to the capital city, Astor Impora and a large potion of the Republic's metropolitan infrastructure. This Canton is also home to 100% of the Republic's permanent population.

Coldwater Canton

The second of the CNR’s claims is a large distance north of Skajacka and is almost entirely made up of countryside. The administrative capital of this Canton, Coldwater Station, is rarely inhabited and is usually only made use of by groups of tourists from the southern territory. The main export of Coldwater is tourism and leisure activity, with holidays for citizens and foreigners alike being regularly held. It is a known relaxation spot for high-up politicians.


The Republic's climate is identical to that of the neighbouring macronation. Weather is generally mild across both areas, with rainfall being quite common. Both parts of the Republic are considerably above sea level and as such they can be open to harsh weather conditions. Coldwater in particular is victim to harsh weather as it faces onto the sea. Temperatures in both areas can range from over 30 degrees Celsius in Summer to -6 in Winter. Snow is uncommon but it has been known to occur, particularly in the Winter of 2010/2011 which saw freezing conditions grip the Republic and brought the capital city to a standstill.

In recent years, incidences of extreme weather have increased in frequency. In March 2018, the Republic suffered its worst ever snowfall followed by a drought in June into July.

Government and politics

The CNR is a parliamentary Republic and a State of the Nemkhav Federation.

Local Assembly

The main legislature and governing body of the Republic is the Local Assembly. This body is tasked with drafting and approving legislation and ensuring that the people of the Republic are best represented at all times. It is common convention that all Ministers also hold seats in this chamber, which means that the number of seats can change fluidly according to the government situation of the time. The Assembly is largely a-political, with the members rarely if ever taking membership of a local political party. The Local Assembly is based in the State Government offices in Astor Impora.


The main political position in the Central Nemkhav Republic is that of the Chancellor. This person is head of the Local Assembly and thus of the State Government, making the two terms synonymous for all intents and purposes. The Chancellor is the chief executive of the Republic, overseeing the day to day running of the nation and reporting to the Federal Assembly of the Nemkhav Federation. The position is one of the most powerful in the nation, with the Chancellor having almost unequalled control over legislation. The Chancellor is based in the Chancellery, in Astor Impora. The current holder of the position is Marka Mejakhansk, leader of the Federalist Party of the Central Nemkhav Republic