Nemkhav mark

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Nemkhav mark
User(s) Nemkhav Federation
Central bankNational Bank of Nemkhavia
Pegged with.50 Euros

The Nemkhav Mark (Nemkhav: Mrika Nemkhavija) is the currency of the current Nemkhav Federation. It is printed throughout the Federation and is the main currency in every territory. It was first produced in August 2009 when the first Nemkhav Federation was formed. Until then, local Irish currency had been used as legal tender and it still is in some areas. It is currently pegged at €0.50 to the Mark.


The Nemkhav mark is divided as follows:

  • Mark (Mrika)
    • x5 Pent

2012 Lewisham Series

Image Value Description
5 Marks Red Flag, a symbol of the Left-Wing, being held aloft
10 Marks Face of Leon Trotsky
20 Marks Face of Vladimir Lenin
50 Marks Face of Karl Marx
100 Marks Faces of Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky
N/A Reverse of all notes, Image of London skyline