National symbols of Nemkhavia

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Nemkhavia’s prime symbol is the laurel wreath. It represents the glory of the Nemkhav nation and its people. The laurel wreath holds is in many flags and appears often in the government. The Laurel Wreath truly represents Nemkhavia as you can see with the Policy of Peaceful Existence. Most symbology has been developed by founding father Marka Mejakhansk, however the inclusion of culture oriented nations to the Federation such as Vian or West Germania brought new expertise in this field and further developments in symbolism.


The jurisdiction of Nemkhav sumbology seems to fall under the Ministry for Culture (Nemkhavia), although important things such as the Coat of Arms or Flag have to be approved by the House of Territories and more than likely refinished by the Minister for Technology. This, however, has not happened yet so the precedent still needs to be set.


  • Blue is the primary colour of Nemkhavia, representing its blue skies; it is associated with freedom and equality.
  • White represents the spirituality, kindness and innocence of Nemkhavia and the Nemkhavs.
  • Red, the colour of leftism and the people, represents Nemkhavia's political direction and stands for warmth.


  • the Eagle is an important symbol in Nemkhavia, as it is featured on the Coat of Arms.
  • the Lion is the de facto official animal of Nemkhavia.