Revolutionary Unity Party

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The Revolutionary Unity Party is a political party of the Nemkhav Federation, currently the ruling party of the Skajackan Democratic Republic, a state of the Federation. The party is a member of the far-left alliance of parties in the Nemkhav Federation alongside the Socialist Unity Party of Lewisham.

The SUP is the inheritor of the Nemkhav socialist legacy, and claims the lineage directly from the Nemkhav People's Party and the League of Communists of Nemkhavia. Like those parties, its official ideology is Titoism, which promotes local solutions to local economic problems in the place of direct central planning.


The Revolutionary Unity Party considers itself to be Titoist as well as sharing elements of other socialist schools of thought. The party advocates state control of industry according to local issues and does not generally pursue fully centralised policies. As per the history of Nemkhavia, the RUP also promotes Nemkhav nationalism and Nemkhav symbols and language terminology are used widely.


The RUP follows a policy of "Inter-micronationalism", which advocates unity among micronations in order to achieve the best possible results on the world stage. It is for this reason that the RUP leadership chose not to name the party according to the state in which it calls home. The party thus promotes any cause that will unify the political forces the of the MicroWiki community into one solidified movement for macronational advancement. It works for this goal through the framework of the Nemkhav Federation Government and fosters friendships and disseminates discussion on the matter outside the Federation.