Skajackan Democratic Republic

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Skajackan Democratic Republic

Island of Ireland
Capital cityAstor Patrograd
Official language(s)English, Irish, Nemkhav
Official religion(s)None official, Catholicism common
GovernmentOne-Party Communist State
- PremierMarka Mejakhansk
LegislaturePeople's Council of the Republic
EstablishedJuly 31st 2009 (as Astor Impora)
CurrencyNemkhav Mark
Time zoneUTC

The Skajackan Democratic Republic, abbreviated as “SDR”, was a micronation located in the city of Dublin, Ireland. It was a member state of the Nemkhav Federation, a collection of micronations from all around the world. The SDR was a socialist state, led by the Revolutionary Party of Unity.

The Democratic Republic was the legacy of the early Nemkhav nation, as it is situated in the original land of the first Nemkhav claims of 2009. Through the evolution of Nemkhavia and its different incarnations, the land has remained to be the original homeland and capital of Nemkhavia.

The SDR was a State of the Nemkhav Federation, replacing the City State of Astor Christiania which had existed before. The capital of the Federation, Astor Patrograd, was also the capital city of the Federation. The SFR was also home to the Ministry for Federal Affairs of the Nemkhav Federation making it a hub for the federation's internal affairs.


Nemkhavia was originally founded on July 31, 2009. As it grew from a small micronation of limited means to a larger coalition of nations united under the banner of the Federation, the land on which it was founded became a topic of debate. Nemkhavia, as a name, become more synonymous with the greater Federation as its name was handed up to the greater federal movement. The question of the status of the original territory went unanswered.

When the second Nemkhav Federation was founded, the original homeland of Nemkhavia was given the status of State of the Federation under the title of the Central Nemkhav Republic. This Republic existed virtually in name only as its President, Marka Mejakhansk was also the President of the Federation as a whole and thus could not devote time to developing the state itself. The state fell into cultural disrepair.

An attempt was made by Mejakhansk to create a more stable identity for this state as his role lessened at the head of the Federation. In this regard, he proclaimed the Central Nemkhav Republic to be dissolved and replaced by the City State of Astor Christiania, incorporating the capital city of the Federation, Astor Impora. This new city state was a cultural revival for Nemkhav history, as was Mejakhansk under the title of “King Marka”. The monarchy in the state existed to return a kind of stability to its existence as an entity in and of itself in a time when the Federation had grown to such a large degree that it was eclipsing its own history.

On December 7, with the Federation's future stable and Marka Mejakhansk's time as President of the Federation passed, the City State was disestablished. It had carried out the task for which it was created perfectly but it was not an appropriate inheritor of Nemkhavia's older history. On the same day as the City State was disestablished, the Skajackan Democratic Republic was established in its place. A one-party state under the control of the newly created Revolutionary Unity Party, the SDR adopted the flag, symbols and legacy of the Socialist Federal Republic of Nemkhavia, an ancestor of the state.

The Skajackan Democratic Repulic was created as a State of the Nemkhav Federation, but it is unique in that it is a state in and of itself while functioning as a cradle for the original Nemkhav legacy as the Federation grew and the definition of “Nemkhav” changed. The choice of the name “Skajacka”was made consciously, as it means “homeland” in the Nemkhav language.


The Republic is located on the slopes of the Wicklow Mountains in eastern Ireland. It is two-thirds green grassland and one third development. The climate is temperate, and the state experiences a high level of rainfall and wind due to the exposed hill-side nature of the location. Recent years have seen an increase in snowfall during the Winter months and a large increase in temperature during the summer. The land beneath the Republic is prone to freezing and ice buildup can often be a problem. High winds can often damage the state, often causing damage to the Republic's small area of forest.


The Skajackan Democratic Republic is a one-party communist state, led by the Revolutionary Unity Party. The RUP is officially designated as the “Vanguard Party” and in this way it is recognised in the Republic as the senior political organisation. There are provisions for other parties to exist, as per the theory of the “democratic front”, but no such parties exist.

The People's Council of the Republic

The People's Council of Ministers, more commonly known simple as the People's Council, is the executive and legislative body of the Republic. It is made up of elected members, dubbed “Councillors”. The Council is responsible for overseeing the different government departments of the Republic, called “Departments”.

The President of the People's Council of the Republic, also known officially as the Premier of the Skajackan Democratic Republic, is the combined Head of Government and Head of State of the Republic. The premier oversees the Council of the Republic and holds executive power in between meetings.