Federalist Party of the Nemkhav Federation

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Federalist Party of the Nemkhav Federation
ChairMarka Mejakhansk
Vice ChairNone
Founded17th November 2017
HeadquartersAstor Impora
Membership (2020)1
IdeologyFederalism, Mejakhanskism
Seats in House of Territories
1 / 1

The Federalist Party of the Nemkhav Federation (Irish: Páirtí Cónaidhmeach) (Nkh: Parti Conamija) is the only political party currently registered and active in Nemkhavia. Formed in 2017 by Marka Mejakhansk, its primary goal is to further micronational federalism both within the Federation and beyond, while maintaining the individual rights of Member States. Currently, the only branch of the party registered is the Federalist Party of Central Nemkhavia.


The Federalist Party was founded in November 2017 by its current chair, Marka Mejakhansk, as part of federal restoration efforts which had been underway since 2016. The Nemkhav Federation had previously lain dormant since 2012, save for a brief spurt of activity in 2014. As micronational federalism was the driving force of the Federation as a concept, Mejakhansk decided to give the theory a proper structure in order to aid in its development.

Throughout the years of the Federation's heyday, various parties had stated positions regarding States' rights vis-a-vis the larger federal system. The Federalist Party is the first political organisation in Nemkhavia to put the ideology front and centre in importance.


The Federalist Party, whilst predominantly being a vehicle for micronational federalism, holds varied views on a number of issues which it deems critical to the success of the ideology.


The cornerstone of the party’s policy platform is the ideology of micronational federalism as outlined by its founder. This ideology posits that micronations can become the best versions of themselves when they combine their unique and individual talents with others in a larger structure.

To that end, the party calls for the pooling of sovereignty in a defined federal structure as much as possible to facilitate the sharing of cultural, social & polical experience. This is distinct from an intermicronational organisation as it calls for the complete joining of sovereignty instead of merely a collection of nations working towards a similar goal individually.

States’ Rights

The Federalist Party, while promoting the general pooling of sovereignty, also supports the defence of states’ individual rights. It is party policy that the Federal Government should only have the powers necessary for the maintenance and furthering of the Federation and its interests, as well as the defence of citizens fundamental human rights. Beyond that, the party advocates as little federal intervention as possible in Member State affairs.


The second source of inspiration for the Federalist Party is the Policy of Peaceful Existence, also known as Mejakhanskism. While it gives due regard to all tenets of the policy, the party gives special attention to those tenets which impact on internal affairs. Areas such as respect for human rights, the obtaining of democratic consent and respect for the general population are held highly, as they are believed to be core elements of a successful federal project.


The Federalist Party has a decentralized structure to facilitate the nature of the Federation. Local branch parties are established in Member States, the leaders of which form the Party Council at federal level. This Council then elects the overall party Chair & Vice Chair from among its number.

Party Chair & Vice Chair

The Party Chair & Vice Chair are in charge of the day-to-day management of the party at the federal level, taking action based on the democratic wishes of the Party Council. They are empowered to make decisions quickly if required but all decisions can ultimately be referred back for a vote. Both are elected on an annual basis, taking office in January of the year in question and serving until December, a term similar to that of the President of the Federation. Should the Chair become unable to carry out their duties, the Vice Chair takes over until the Chair returns or a new leader is elected.

Party Council

The Party Council is the permanent oversight and decision-making body of the party. Its membership is made up of the leaders of all State-level party branches. All decisions are made by majority vote except for those involving the two grounding policies of the party - federalism and Mejakhanskism. Any vote on removing or changing those policies must be made by unanimous decision.

The Party Council has the right to set up offices or other such party agencies to aid in the spread of federalism, the day to day running of the organisation or the development of a particular ideology, ethos or policy point.

Local Branches

The following are the current local branches of the party.

Federalist Party of Central Nemkhavia

The Federalist Party of Central Nemkhavia is currently the only local branch of the larger party. It holds the office of Chancellor, giving it de-facto political control over the State.